| 13 Jul 2024
RAM: Week 39 ends with no major disruptions

MUMBAI: The leading radio stations across the four cities retained the top positions, extending the unchanged line-up to the top three stations in each of these cities.

In Mumbai, Big FM continues its impressive run at the peak with 14.7 per cent shares and T.S.L of 4.44. Radio City followed at second position with 14.2 per cent shares, and trailing with 0.2 per cent shares is Radio Mirchi. Fever FM (13.7 per cent shares), Red FM (12 per cent shares), Radio Nasha (7.4 per cent shares) and Oye! FM (3.6 per cent shares) retain last week’s positions.

Delhi too did not experience any major changes. Fever FM (17.5 per cent shares) held the summit, followed by the usual suspects – Radio Mirchi (13.4 per cent shares) and Radio City (10.7 per cent shares) – at the second and third positions. Red FM and Radio Nasha shared the per cent shares, but the former retained a position above the latter, similarly to last week. Big FM, Hit FM and Oye! FM ended the week at Week 38’s positions.

Radio Mirchi Kolkata led the way in the city with 20.1 per cent shares, Big FM and Fever FM completed the top three. In Bengaluru, Radio City’s 25.2 per cent shares ensured the station retained the top position, and highest shares across the cities. Big FM and Radio Mirchi followed City at second and third positions respectively.