| 29 Nov 2023
RAM Week 41: Fever FM is the ultimate ruler in Mumbai and Delhi

MUMBAI: In Week 41 of RAM, radio stations didn’t see any major fluctuation in their positions when compared to the previous week. What’s striking is that HT Media’s Fever FM 104 is still ruling at the top in both Delhi and Mumbai. While the radio station amassed 16.4 share per cent and 6.27 T.S.L. in Mumbai, it recorded a share per cent of 19.5 and T.S.L. of 5.09 in Delhi.

In other metros like Kolkata and Bengaluru Fever FM stood second and fourth respectively in Week 41 of RAM ratings. While in Kolkata, the station had 18.8 share per cent and 7.22 T.S.L., in Bengaluru, Fever FM recorded 13.5 share per cent and 7.29 T.S.L.

When it comes to other radio stations in the country, Radio Mirchi continued ruling in Kolkata, while Radio City was the topper in Bengaluru in Week 41. While Radio Mirchi had a 19.7 share per cent of and T.S.L. of 4.56 in the Bengali capital, Radio City scored 25 share per cent and 9.49 T.S.L. in the capital city of Karnataka start.

 While Radio City bagged a second position in Delhi with 12.9 share per cent and 4.14 T.S.L., it had to settle at third position in Mumbai with a share per cent 12.6 and T.S.L. of 4.53. But, the station didn’t make to the top 10 in Kolkata.

Besides, Radio Mirchi stood second in Mumbai while third in both Delhi and Bengaluru respectively. In Mumbai, Radio Mirchi’s 14.3 share per cent and 4.35 T.S.L. The station recorded share per cent of 12.4 and T.SL of 17.7 and 3.36 and 7.38 in Delhi and Bengaluru respectively.