| 25 Sep 2023
Big FM inches forward in metros

MUMBAI: After few weeks of lukewarm performance, Big FM managed to march forward in week 36, as it gained impressive points in the metros of Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai where as maintained status quo in Bangalore. Radio city also saw surge in its listenership as it gained in all three cities it operates.

Bangalore - Leader Big maintained status quo n the city at 19.3 per cent. Mirchi gained 0.1 points to take home a share of 17.1 per cent. Both Fever and Radio city added 0.1 points to their kitty taking a share of 15.5 and 12.7 per cent respectively. At fifth spot AIR FM gold also added 0.1 points. After a poor show last week, Radio One surged ahead in the city as it gained 0.1 points leaving behind Red FM in the battle for the sixth spot. Red FM's woes continued in the city as the station slipped in rankings losing 0.3 points and could garner 8.1 per cent 

Delhi - Mirchi surged forward in week 36 as it gained 0.1 points and ate a large chunck of 24.7 per cent. Fever at second spot also marched forward and gained 0.1 points. It scooped 18.1 points per cent. AIR FM lost a considerable 0.4 points, Red FM also lost a major 0.3 points. It could manage 9.6 per cent. Radio City scrapped 0.2 points in week 36 to take away 8.6 per cent. Big FM also pocketed 0.1 points and claimed 7.3 per cent market share. Radio one also climbed up to gain 0.1 points. Meow FM re-christened as Oye! from this week lost 0.1 points in the city. It will be interesting to see how the station fares after the revamp.

Kolkata - Leader Mirchi continued its good run in week 36 as it gained 0.1 points to corner 20.5 per cent of the market share. After lukewarm performance in the last couple of weeks Big managed to bounce back as it gained a hefty 0.5 points in the city and inched forward at 17.5 per cent of share. Both Friends and Aamar maintained a no loss no gain week at 11.6 and 10.9 per cent respectively. Fever lost 0.1 points in week 36, followed by Red FM which gained 0.2 points. At seventh spot Radio One lost 0.1 points. After a poor show last week, Meow FM pulled up its socks in week 36 to gain 0.5 points and capture 5.6 per cent of the share.

Mumbai - After a fine performance in rest of the metros, leader Mirchi faced a hiccup in Mumbai as it lost 0.2 points in the city though maintained its numero uno position. It shaved off 17.3 per cent of the market share. Red FM at second spot maintained status quo at 13.8 per cent. Radio City moved forward with a gain of 0.1 points narrowing the distance for the second spot. Big FM also geared up in week 36 as it gained 0.2 points. At fifth and sixth spot, both AIR FM Gold and Fever added 0.2 points grabbing 11.5 and 11.2 per cent of market share respectively. Radio One saw dip in numbers as it lost 0.2 points.

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