| 21 Feb 2024
Big FM pushes ahead in Bangalore, inches up in Kolkata

MUMBAI: The graph stayed more or less in the same position in week 10 of 2010 as RAM indicated that viewers are unlikely to change their listenership patterns in a big way. Perhaps the beginning of the IPL matches in the following week should effect a few changes. Till then -

Bangalore: Big FM pushed on, climbing 0.2 percentage points to end with a share of 19.7 of the market, even as Radio Mirchi stayed at the same level with its share of 17.2 per cent. Fever gamely inched up 0.2 points as well to gain a respectable third spot with 15.4 per cent of the market. Radio City stayed unchanged with 12.2 per cent of the market.

Delhi: In the capital, Mirchi proved its dominance yet again, inching up 1.2 points and ending the week with a share of 24.5 per cent. Fever that has been holding on to the second spot for  a while now, lost 0.5 points and ended with a share of 18.4 per cent. AIR FM Gold too lost 0.5 points and came in third with 17.3 per cent, while Red FM gained 0.1 points and ended with a share of 9.8 per cent.

Mirchi slipped 0.2 points and ended the week with a share of 20.1 per cent, while all the other major stations in Kolkata gained on their respective shares. Big FM ended the week at second position with a share of 16.7 per cent, Friends had a share of 13.4 per cent and Aamar FM too climbed up to end with a share of 10.7 per cent. Red FM ended the week a notch higher than Fever, with a share of 8.6 per cent over Fever's 7.9 per cent.

Mumbai: All the top three stations in Mumbai slipped this week, with only AIR FM Gold notching up 1.2 points to end the week with a share of 12.3 per cent. Radio City however remained ahead of it with a share of 13.1 per cent. Mirchi stayed on top with a share of 17 per cent, followed by Red FM came up second with a share of 14.2 per cent.

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