| 04 Mar 2024
Fever FM holds the first position in Mumbai and Delhi

MUMBAI: After a long break we are back with the radio ratings from four metro cities, Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Kolkata. All this while, there have been some interesting ups and downs in the radio industry. Today we get you an analysis of Week 1, 2, 3 and 4 of 2018.

As per the data from RAM, the leading top 5 radio stations who are strongly competing with each other are BIG FM, Fever FM, Radio Mirchi, Radio City and Red FM.

Starting from Mumbai, the leading radio station in all the four weeks has been Fever FM with 15.8 per cent share, 6. 32 T.S.L in Week 1, 14.6 per cent share, 5.39 T.S.L in Week 2, 15.1 per cent share, 5.49 T.S.L in Week 3 and 16.1 per cent share, 6.1 T.S.L in Week 4.

In the capital of the country, Fever FM again held the first position throughout the month. Radio Nasha managed to stay in the second position in Week 2 and 3 with 12.3 share per cent, 4.05 T.S.L and 11.8 share per cent and 4.02 T.S.L respectively. In Week 1, the second position was held by Radio City with 12.3 share per cent and 3.49 T.S.L while in Week 4 Radio Mirchi moved to the second position with share per cent 12.3 and T.S.L 3.29.

One of the interesting facts was that RED FM which is believed to be one of the biggest brands of all took the fifth position throughout the weeks in Mumbai, while in Delhi it did not manage to be in the top 5. Whereas, the top 5 in Delhi after Fever, Mirchi and City saw Radio Nasha and the public broadcaster AIR FM 2-Gold.

Week 1, Radio Nasha share per cent was 11.9 and T.S.L 4.08 on the fourth position, Week 2 the station came up in the second position with 12.3 share per cent and 4.05 T.S.L. In Week 3 the station was in the same position with 11.08 share per cent and 4.02 T.S.L.

In Bengaluru, the radio stations that competed in the top 5 were Radio City, BIG FM, Radio Mirchi, Fever FM and AIR FM 1 Rainbow in the first and fourth position, while Red FM took AIR’s fifth position in the second and the third week.

Radio City has been leading the first position throughout with share per cent 24.9, T.S.L 10.8 in Week 1, 24.7 share per cent, T.S.L 9.42 in Week 2, share per cent 24.5, T.S.L 9.52 in Week 3 and share per cent 25.5, T.S.L 9.49 in Week 4.

In Kolkata, Radio Mirchi held the first position in all the months. Week 1 had share per cent 20.7 and T.S.L 4.38, Week 2 share per cent was 20.6 and T.S.L 4.42, Week 3 had share per cent 20 and T.S.L 4.32 while in Week 4 the share per cent was 20.4 and T.S.L 4.46. The top 5 competitors with Mirchi are BIG FM in second, Fever FM in third, Aamar FM in fourth and RED FM in fifth position. In the following second, third and fourth Week, the positions were the same except for Fever FM that came to the second position and BIG FM in third.