| 29 Feb 2024
Radio City gains momentum in B'lore and Delhi

MUMBAI: Radio City emerged as the surprise package in week 27. It gained hefty points in Bangalore and Delhi while maintained status quo in Mumbai. Similarly, Big FM also fared well this week as it gained considerable strides in Delhi and Kolkata though suffering a glitch in Bangalore.

Bangalore- In Bangalore, Big FM slipped considerably as it lost 0.5 points but managed to maintain lead at 19.3 per cent. Radio Mirchi's listnership swelled as it gained 0.2 per cent to corner 17.9 per cent of the market share. Fever saw a surge in numbers this week as well. It added 0.1 points to its kitty taking a share of 15.4 per cent. Radio City also managed to pluck scores this week adding an impressive 0.5 points. At fourth position it took home a share of 12.6 per cent. AIR FM Rainbow saw a no loss no gain week at 9.4 per cent. Radio one outshone its opponent Red FM for the sixth position at 8.8 per cent even though it lost 0.1 points. Maintaining status quo at 8.6 per cent Red came close next.

Delhi- In the Capital, leader Mirchi tumbled in week 27 as it lost 0.1 points, though managed to score 24.6 per cent, keeping its rivals at bay. At second position, Fever garnered 0.3 points to eat 18.8 per cent from the pie. AIR FM Gold maintained status quo at 17.6 per cent. Last week's star performer Red FM could not keep up with the pace this week as it lost 0.2 points and could manage to grab 9.7 per cent of the share. After last few weeks of dwindling performance, Radio City pulled up its socks in week 27 to gain 0.3 points and shaved off 8.4 per cent of the market share. Big FM inched forward as it gained a whopping 0.5 points.

Kolkata- Radio Mirchi lost 0.1 points in the city to take home a share of 20.1 per cent. After a setback last week, Big FM managed to claw its way up to grab 17.5 per cent of the share as it acquired 0.4 points. Both Friends FM and Amar FM upped their ante to gain 0.2 and 0.1 points respectively. Both Red FM and Fever FM held to their respective share of 8.9 and 8.2 per cent. Radio One added 0.1 points to its kitty.

Mumbai- Mirchi saw a god run in the city as it tucked 0.2 points eating away a chunck of 17.3 per cent. Red FM at 14.1 per cent did not gain any points in week 27. Radio City and Big FM also maintained status quo at 13.1 and 11.6 per cent making it a relatively dull week for Mumbai. Air FM gold dropped 0.5 points followed by Fever FM which also saw a no gain no loss week at 11.2 per cent.

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