| 02 Dec 2023
Radio City rules in Mumbai and Bangalore

MUMBAI: According to the latest RAM report, Radio City is trending in Mumbai and Bangalore for 18 weeks of 2014 with market shares of 18.1 per cent in Mumbai and 25.4 per cent in Bangalore. The network stated that the company has continued its trend to lead in Mumbai and Bangalore for 200 plus consecutive weeks with a market share of 17.7 per cent in Mumbai and 25.5 per cent in Bangalore in all SEC 12 plus audiences.

On an average of 18 weeks of 2014, RBNL's BIG FM holds a market share of 20 per cent in Bangalore and in Mumbai the station held a share of 15.7 per cent. In Mumbai, ENIL's Radio Mirchi has a market share of 15.1 per cent and TARP of 1 per cent, however, Bangalore it holds a market share of 19.1 per cent and TARP of 2.2 per cent.

Commenting on leading in both the markets, Radio City CEO Apurva Purohit said, "Being a market leader consistently for 200 weeks is definitely not an easy feat. I am glad that our journey has been interesting and consistent. We had conducted an in-depth consumer research that gave us interesting insights which were incorporated in all our shows. The research clubbed with our innovative programming and on-ground ideas has certainly resulted in building a greater affinity in our listener's mind."

She further added, "At Radio City our focus has always been on understanding the needs of the listeners with the right mix of engagement activities on-air, on-ground & on the digital front. All our activities conducted across markets have been designed to allow the listeners great interactivity & hence have received an outstanding response. We hope to continue the trend & provide exciting content to our listeners." On-air shows like ‘Kasa Kai Mumbai' and ‘Kal Bhi Aaj Bhi' in Mumbai enjoy high listenership numbers. In Bangalore, the drive time shows ‘Aithalakadi Morning' and ‘City Mathu' have received an overwhelming response from the listeners.

Other stations like Red FM in Mumbai holds a market share of 11.9 per cent and Surya FM 7.3 per cent. Fever FM held a market share of 13 per cent in Mumbai and 8 per in Bangalore for 18 weeks of 2014.When the fourth week of RAM was announced, Fever FM secured the first position in TSL (time spent listening) with 5.54, followed shortly by Big FM at 5.09.