| 13 Apr 2024
Radio Mirchi ups ante in metros

MUMBAI: Radio Mirchi managed to roar back in Week 25 post last week's hiccups. It gained considerable strides in the metros of Bangalore, Kolkata and Mumbai though it lost a few niggling points in Delhi.

The week did not turn out to be favourable for Radio City as it tumbled down in  Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai while Fever FM also had a mixed performance.

Bangalore- Big FM slipped with 0.1 points though it managed to maintain its lead with a 19.7 per cent share. Gaining 0.3 points in week 25 Mirchi came next managing to corner  17.7 per cent of the market share. Fever and Radio City both saw a dip in numbers this week losing 0.2 and 0.1 points respectively. AIR FM Rainbow which followed next also lost 0.1 points ending with a 9.5 per cent share. Red FM managed to topple Radio One with a very thin margin to grab the sixth position, as it garnered 0.5 points and took home 8.8 per cent of the market. Radio One which added 0.1 points to its kitty had to be content with 8.7 per cent   

Delhi- Leader Mirchi lost 0.1 points in week 25 to hold on to its  market share of 24.8 per cent. Fever also saw a dip in rating as it lost a  0.4 points to take home 18.5 per cent of the pie. AIR FM Gold followed next gaining 0.1 points. Armed with 9.4 per cent of the share Red FM maintained status quo this week. Last week's gainer Radio City did not have a good run this week as it lost 0.3 points and ending with a market share of 8.4 per cent. Big FM held on to its last week's share of 7.1 per cent followed by Radio One which lost 0.2 points. Meow FM saw a surge in listnership as it added an impressive 0.4 points to its account.

Kolkata- After losing considerably last week, leader Mirchi managed to do a turnaround,  gaining 0.6 points in week 25 and eating away a massive chunk of 20.7 per cent. Big FM also added numbers to its listenership base gaining 0.2 points. Last week's gainer Friends FM continued to shine adding 0.1 points to its haul ending with a share of 11.7 per cent. Next in the number game was Amar FM which maintained status quo at 10.8 per cent. Pushing Red FM behind was Fever as it gained 0.2 points in week 25 riding on 8.6 per cent of the share. Red FM dropped to sixth position as it lost 0.1 points. Radio One took home a share of 5.9 per cent after gaining 0.1 points while Meow FM lost 0.5 points in the city.

Mumbai- FM stations managed to put their act together this week after the poor show in the city last week. Radio Mirchi clawed its way back in week 25 to gain 0.2 points grabbing a share of 17.2 per cent, thus leaving behind its competitor Red FM at 14.1 per cent which also gained 0.1 points. Radio City however lost 0.1 points and could manage a share of 13.1 per cent of the pie. Big FM inched its way up as it added 0.1 points to seize 11.7 per cent. Fever FM also geared up in week 25  to gain 0.2 points as it shared the spot with AIR FM Gold at 11.3 per cent. Radio One which had a no loss no gain week maintained its share of 6.2 per cent  

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