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Review |  25 Sep 2007 16:32 |  By RnMTeam

Manorama Six Feet under

Producer - Ketan Maru

Director - Navdeep Singh

Music Director(s) : Jayesh Gandhi and Raiomond Mirza.

Our Rating - 2.5/5

Debutante director Navdeep Singh's film is set in a small town and tells a story that does not stick to the usual Bollywood format.

The film is experimental and so is its music. The album has four original songs, plus two, which are different versions of one of the tracks. While it's sure to appeal to those who have a yen for soft music, those who prefer foot tapping numbers can easily give it a wide berth.

Credit is due to producers Shemaroo for giving music directors Jayesh and Raiomond the chance to exhibit their talent. The duo successfully weaves in different moods, toys with diverse voice ranges (Kailash Kher, Mahalakshmi Iyer, Roopkumar Rathod, Zubeen Garg) and manages to come up with a score that's pleasing to the ears without assaulting your senses.

The track 'Woh bheege pal'is very calm and soothing. The composers obviously knew they were on to a winner with this one, for along with the original version rendered by Gandhi himself, there are two others - one by Zubeen Garg, and another energetic one by DJ Akbar Sami.

Almost every listener will be able to relate to the lyrics of the duet 'Tere sawalon ke'. A beautiful composition by Jayesh Gandhi and sung by Roopkumar Rathod and Mahalakshmi Iyer. The song touches one's heart and one walks down the memory lane for anyone who's ever been in love. The heart feels heavy if one pays much attention
to the lyrics, overall a soulful song.

Kailash Kher does it yet once again. With his expressive voice, the song 'Dhundla jo sama bandha'takes on an altogether different dimension. The entire album is woven, keeping the theme of the movie in mind. Though the relevance of the lyrics of 'dhundla..'would only be understood once you have watched the movie, the song is very pleasant, another winner composed by Raiomond Mirza.

Mirza's other effort, 'Dhoka', is a thoughtful song and very upbeat in its tone. The song evokes moments of realisation and is a thought provoker. But it does sound daunting at the outset. The song has a very lounge feel and is sung by Richa Sharma, who has tried her hand at a different genre this time.

All in all, the album has a lot of calm and serene music pieces to offer. It does have a niche approach, which could have been done away with if an upbeat song or two were added. Yet, Manorama - Six feet under is an album worth picking up if you like laid-back music.