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year ender |  30 Dec 2022 12:57 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Year end story: OAFF, Tanmaya Bhatnagar, Goldie Sohel, Kabir,  and Pina Colada Blues recaps 2022

MUMBAI: It's that time of year again. No, not the holiday season … the "share how 2022 treated you" season. 2022 was an exceptionally good year for all of us.


2022 was truly an amazing year for me both both creatively and personally. We received so much love for the music we put out this year - from Doobey, to the Gehraiyaan title track, to Beqaaboo to Tu Kahaan, all songs that I am very proud of! I feel very grateful to be able to connect with so many people who resonated with the music, and am looking forward to much more music in 2023!

Tanmaya Bhatnagar:

2022 was a seesaw of emotions. I’m mostly thrilled that we all found our ways out of the trauma and uneasiness that covid brought upon us. Music thrived; musicians thrived this year. It was also wonderful year for me professionally and personally. I‘m looking forward to what 2023 has in store for me.

Pina Colada Blues:

2022 was a great year for me as an artist.

Released 3 originals - Running Wild, Haaye & Tera Nishaan and 1 official remix of Gehraiyaan title track.

Numbers wise I got my first million and 2 million streams on Spotify this year and that was something crazy for me!! Also, I did my first gig this year which was a very new experience for me and had lots of fun. Met some fans at these gigs and other places which was exciting.I also attended a lot of gigs & festivals after a kind of inactive 2021 and met a lot of new artists and artists I look upto.

Goldie Sohel

2022 has been a great and blessed year, you can say one of the best year. Making music this year was fun, learning, experimental & what not.

I have released few singles, Pahadon Ke Peechay is my favourite and have sung two  songs in tamil  for Movie Farhana.


2022 overall has treated me really well! It has been the absolutely my most impactful year of my life. There were many ups & downs , challenges but somehow, I could overcome those! Most importantly 2022 has given me opportunities which were once in a lifetime and I’m glad I’ve took those.


2022 has been the best year for me till date as I released my first single “What’s Going On” and I got good feedback’s on it. Not forgetting the back to back tracks after that, thanks to my whole team.