Entertainment  |  24 Jun 2023

Armaan Malik, OAFF release 'Stripped Down Version' of 'Tabaahi'

MUMBAI: Playback singer Armaan Malik has released the 'Stripped Down Version' of his new famous single 'Tabaahi' in collaborati

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Entertainment  |  05 May 2023

Armaan Malik and OAFF come together to create disruption with their new track 'Tabaahi'

MUMBAI: Indian pop sensation Armaan Malik and composer-producer OAFF who is known to bridge the gap between mainstream Bollywood and feel-good pop,

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Entertainment  |  30 Dec 2022

Year end story: OAFF, Tanmaya Bhatnagar, Goldie Sohel, Kabir,  and Pina Colada Blues recaps 2022

MUMBAI: It's that time of year again. No, not the holiday season … the "share how 2022 treated you" season.

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