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Features |  04 Apr 2016 17:57 |  By RnMTeam

Real life celeb moments that would have been best as jokes

MUMBAI: 1 April has come and gone and jokes have been played and taken in the right spirit. But just sometimes, life cracks bigger jokes on us and, unfortunately, they turn out to be real. contacted some well-known music personalities to know a real life situation that they wished was just a joke. Something that they wished never turned into reality, but unfortunately it did.

Sherrin Varghese: My CA recently informed me that service tax has been hiked to 15 per cent from 14.5 per cent from June and I so wished it wasn't true. I wanted it to be a joke that he was cracking on me but, it is the truth.

Mayur Sakhare: During one of my performances, I fell in love with a girl who had come to attend my concert. At first, everything just went right with us sharing numbers, talking at length and following each other on social media. But the minute I spoke to her about my feelings for her, she stopped talking to me. It was heartbreaking. At times I wish it wasn't for real.

Yashita Sharma: There is this long list of things that I wish wouldn't have happened, I wish news of the loss of my dear ones had been untrue. If I have to point out any one incident, it would be the one when my mother rejected the guy I was in love with. How I wish she was just joking at that point in time.

Nikhil D'Souza: How I wish the beef ban in Mumbai was just a joke. 

Divya Kumar: We live in a city (Mumbai) that is extremely congested. It's difficult to find free space or open air. This is one of the reasons why most of us opt for beaches at nights. But, then the cops send you back home post midnight. I wish these rules had not been there for real. Mumbai can be a bit more liberal.

Anusha Mani: How I wish all those bad days were a joke, that all the hatred and anger in the name of religion was a joke. That the condition of women in this country was a joke and not reality. But, then it's all real. You wake up to newspapers that are filled with these stories and it's unfortunate.

Aishwarya Majmudar: I was at a five star hotel recently for a family dinner when I decided to use the restroom. I was washing my hands when I noticed a man walk out of one of the cubicles. I questioned him if it was a men's washroom and he said a 'yes.' I was left aghast. I moved out to only see my family starring at me. I still can't believe I actually entered a men's restroom. I so wish it wasn't for real. 

Toshi Sabri: I was in the tenth grade when a girl proposed to me and I did not like her at all. I don't know exactly why I disliked her so much but the proposal was embarrassing for me as a kid. My friends started teasing me and it got worse. Back then, I really wanted that to be just a joke. But then, it was real for her.