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Features |  01 Nov 2016 20:01 |  By RnMTeam

11 things you must know about Karsh Kale

(Image Source: Mid-day)
(Image Source: Mid-day)

MUMBAI: "Visionary composer and producer" Karsh Kale has had a busy year with his recent album UP, multicity tour in India followed by his live performance at the Global Citizen's New York edition on 22 September 2016. In addition, the multi-instrumentalist is hosting the ?fifth season of ?'? The Dewarists?'? with awesome vibes all round.

There is something unconventional about the musician who has been a part of the musical revolution in the world for almost twenty years. We can’t afford to overlook his calibre, notably on his birthday! wished to wish the multitalented instrumentalist in a different way and came up with some details about Karsh Kale. When it comes to the most sought-after musician, it is almost impossible to go over the main points about Karsh Kale’s brilliance. We tried. Have a look.

·  Till dates the Indo-American music producer Karsh Kale has released seven albums, eight EPs, and numerous collaborations with his name.

·  People who don’t know, Karsh Kale was born in West Bromwich, England on 1 November 1974 to Indian Marathi speaking immigrants. Then they have relocated to Brooklyn, New York in 1977.

·  In 2007 he collaborated with Anoushka Shankar for his fifth album ‘Breathing Under Water’

·  In 2011 Kale opened at the Hollywood Bowl for Bollywood’s biggest composer, AR Rahman. He also won GIMA Awards in 2011 best fusion album (Cinema), beating AR Rahman in the same year.

·  Karsh Kale has weaved his musical magic at the 2016 edition of the Red Bull Tour Bus #OffTheRoof for the first time ever on 16 October 2016 (The third anniversary of the Red Bull Tour Bus).

·  In 2011 he joined Alicia Keys, the Black Keys, Norah Jones, and Gary Clark, Jr. at a tribute concert for George Harrison in New York. Kale’s remix of John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s ‘Give Peace a Chance’ climbed into Billboard’s Top 10 Dance charts.

·  Karsh, who has studied Music Performance and Production from New York University, is considered as one of the pioneering figures in defining the Asian Underground genre by mixing a range of different pieces of music.

·  In 2000, Karsh Kale collaborated with advanced musician Bill Laswell and they initiated a project called ‘Tabla Beat Science’ where Karsh Kale and fellow musicians Zakir Hussain, Talvin Singh, Trilok Gurtu and Sultan Khan collaborated to produce ‘Tala Matrix’, a release that has been considered as the most influential albums of the Asian fusion genre to date.

·   It is Kale's father who introduced him to a broad range of music starting from traditional Indian music, classical, rock, and even early hip-hop.

·   A lot of people do NOT know that he is a self-taught musician before developing his own style.

·   Karsh Kale is the first Indo-American to be signed to a solo recording contract in the United States, a move which was followed by Kale's first full-length studio album, ‘Realize’ which was released in 2001.