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Interviews |  03 Feb 2016 15:14 |  By RnMTeam

Manish Paul and I will soon collaborate for a special project: Darshan Raval

MUMBAI:  Following dreams is not an easy task. Only few are able to pursue their passion as a profession. New talents come from the kind of audacious breed that does not fear following what it want and, and in the bargain, often comes up with fresh sparks for the audiences. One of the newly evolved talents is the upcoming singing sensation Darshan Raval.

The singer is a product of Star Plus’ singing reality show India’s Raw Star through which he won hearts of his female following. Raval is currently managed by Saibaba Music and Artist4forty, a platform which focuses on providing each talent a holistic development and career path to become a fortified artist. Raval recently sang two tracks in Himesh Reshammiya’s upcoming film, ‘Teraa Surroor 2’.

Excerpts from an interview with Darshan Raval:

How different was it singing for ‘Teraa Surroor 2’?

I am feeling blessed. I have worked in Bollywood projects before, but working in ‘Teraa Surroor 2’ is something new to me.  I can say this is my first movie as a debut singer. Though I have sung ‘Jab Tum Chaho’ in the movie ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’, it was just a small bit. Still, it means a lot to me, as I am a Salman Khan fan.  Another song I did is a party song from the movie ‘Sanam Teri Kasam’. The track is titled ‘Kheech Meri Photo’. Finally, the songs, which are up from the movie ‘Teraa Surroor 2’, are what I call my forte. This is my comfortable zone.

You have sung for Himesh. How does it feel giving voice to a well-established music director, now an actor?

Oh, it feels very nice. The first time while going for the recording, I was really scared, I was nervous. However, much to my surprise Himesh came up as someone very amazing and helpful.

Singing for Himesh’s new film allows me to show my own identity as a solo singer. Until now, I was tagged as a contestant from a reality show or someone who sang just his own singles. I want to break that image completely and get to be known as a Bollywood singer. This is my first step in Bollywood.

Did he (Himesh) mentor and give you any guidance?

Yes, of course. He truly is a mentor and a guide to me. He treated me nicely. Working with him was damn comfortable and amazing.  I have built up a nice bonding and rapport with Himesh. He never made me feel pressured. As I sing with all my emotions and with my own singing style, Himesh did not ask me to change it. Rather he let me portray my emotions through singing.

You have sung for TV projects and have an amazing popularity. Are you planning to sing for any TV show again?

No. At least not, right now. Currently my focuses are mainly two. One is my own compositions and the second is my project for Bollywood. Except for this, I am working as a music director in four Gujarati films.

You used to have a band of your own, DipZip.  Does the band still exist?

Yeah. I used to have it once, but now it no longer exists. We were really young when we started the band. Now everyone is busy in their individual careers and this is exactly what we had decided back then. We knew we would call it off the day we planned our solo careers. All of us are still in touch and good friends.

Are you looking forward to collaborating with any other independent artists?

Currently I am meeting new artists and that too top-notch ones. They are distinct with a unique style.

Are you looking forward to the next season of Raw Star?

Oh, yes! That is a surprise for all as everything is under planning. You just have to wait and watch.

Are you planning for any tours anytime soon? 

I am on tours for almost the entire month. I am up with a number of concerts and performances. At present, I have so many of my concerts lined up. I will be performing in Chattisgarh, this February. 2-3 days back I did a concert in Bangalore. Delhi is also on my list for this February.  

What more will the audience and the fans get to see from Darshan Raval in 2016?

Well, 2016 is damn fascinating as there is a lot in the box from my side. More music is on the way for my fans.  I have spent two years in writing and composing my solo work. Therefore, I will be looking forward to releasing it soon. Other than this, I am working on other Bollywood projects with Himesh, Tanishk-Vayu, Sachin-Jigar to name some. In addition, something special with Manish Paul is lined up as well.