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Interviews |  02 Jul 2019 14:01 |  By Namrata Kale

There is a huge talent in the industry, people should only remove their ego problems: Abeer Arora

Singer Abeer Arora started his career in tenth grade, in fact, that’s when he decided to pursue singing. His passion, hard work coupled with immense patience made him a sensation in the music industry. After the launch of his song, T-Series achieved a big milestone of 100 million subscribers on YouTube. The song has crossed two million mark in just two days. Abeer has already worked with Muzik One Records, Zee Music Company and Vee Muzik.

Arora, who has been in the industry for a long time now talks about his fantabulous career in an exclusive chat with Radioandmusic, where he gives insights about his journey.

Firstly, how did you make your way into music and commence your career?

I realised that I like music when I was in fifth grade when my interest started building up. My first competition ever was in school, where I sang a song in Bhojpuri language. But, it was Akon’s album that really inspired me. There was no internet, but only radio at that time. But, music was the only career option I want to opt for.

Who inspired you to become a singer?

My music teacher told me that I had a good voice and I should try my luck in singing. Hence, I later started recording my songs. My parents also supported me. This gave a kickstart to my music career.

What gets you motivated?

As long as my dad is happy, I am happy. He has seen me grow from zero and is my inspiration. He is a businessman and he does not know anything about this field. Still, he has motivated me and allowed me to do what I want.

What kind of music keeps you hooked?

 I am an artist, I write 90 percent of my own lyrics. To write songs you need inspiration and that inspiration came after listening to a lot of different songs. I used to listen to all kinds of music right from Rahat Fateh Ali Khan to Latin pop music.

According to you which music genre is currently working in our country?

Current scenario is best for artists and music composers/directors. People are accepting new music these days, that used to not happen earlier. Even the underground hip hop scene is rising. n fact, the blockbuster Bollywood film Gully Boy happened to be a huge exposure to underground hip hop artists and rappers.

Which is the music genre that you haven’t tried yet?

I would try classical music and would also try and fuse urban and classical music in one song. This would be a great concoction and if I get a chance, I would love to try more new genres.

Can you share about your learnings so far?

I learnt a lot from the internet, but whenever I make a song, I ensure that it has my own touch. Whenever any song had released, I used to sing the song my way and put my own essentials in it.

Do you consider yourself a self-made musician?

Yes I do consider myself a self-made musician and I have had zero connections. Now, I have made great friends as it’s been two years that I have been making songs. You also need to have a lot of patience like I did.

You released a song with T-Series called ‘Killer’. Is a label essential for an artist to get onto the success ladder?

It depends on the artist. If you see YouTube’s trending list then you will witness 90 percent of Independent artists only who do not have labels as their main daddy. The reason I opted for T-Series was if I would release this song on my YouTube channel, I would have spent more on my PR whereas they have their own big subscribers. More than 50 percent of Bollywood follow T-Series. Collaborating with a label helped me gain an amazing exposure.

What should a musician do to become successful?

Be it music or any careeer, just keep doing it and don’t loose your calm. You need a lot of patience to become a big rapper.

You have been in the industry for quite a time now, what are the changes you want to see?

I want people to collaborate more in the music industry. If people leave their ego problems then there is huge talent in the industry. Until and unless there is good music, I am happy.

Your upcoming plans and projects?

I am planning on coming up with three to four projects this year.