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Interviews |  05 Jun 2023 17:12 |  By RnMTeam

Soumita Saha shares about representing India in two International Film festivals

MUMBAI: Recently, most of the prestigious International Film festivals across the globe has created a category named as " Music Video" .

Indian Music Videos making it to such festivals bring great honour to the music industry. Singer Soumita Saha's Music videos recently made it to Italy's prestigious Cefalù International Film fest and Spain's Angaelica International a Film festival. In a candid conversation Soumita shares her experience.

How did the Idea of Indo-French collaboration initiated ?

Greg and me, we were connected through social network. Needless to mention when two musicians exchange greetings music certainly rules the topic of their conversation. That's how I came to know about his inclination towards Indian music and tagore. Even though he was done with the music and i was done with the audio it took pretty long to release due to some personal issues followed by the pandemic.

Now that " O jey Manena Mana " paved it's way through two International Film fest how does it feel?

Honestly ' O Jey Manena Mana ' is one of my favourite song from Tagore's collection. Firstly, it's based on on raaga bhairavi, secondly i love the emotion the song bears. Greg, Agniv and me none of us expected this music video to be where it is. I won't see it feels like a dream coming true. I haven't thought of reaching international film festivals with Tagore Music even in my dreams.

What's your reaction when you received the mail conveying about the selection?

I was like, am i dreaming? Is that Even true.

Trust me, it always feels like the first time for all of us. Of course Lift Off was the beginning of it. But Greg, Agniv and I , we got same level of goosebumps for Cefalù. Bumba da ( Arindam Bhadra) , Agniv and me, our happiness knew no bound when the good news for selection for Angaelica came.

Your 'Vandemataram Mantra Gaan ' has made it to the prestigious Angaelica Film festival recently, are you planning come up more with patriotic project?

Bumba da (Arindam Bhadra) and me, we were thrilled when it was selected for UK's Lift Off Filmmaker Session Film Fest. Vandemataram Mantra Gaan is just another version of our national song it feels like an honour to represent India in Angaelica Film festival with national song. I am definitely coming up with more such patriotic songs.

So what's new on pipeline?

A Tagore song project totally based on jazz and beats fusion shall be coming soon. Being a pluviophile i happen plan a bit of intellectual expedition for monsoon. We're also working on one Hindi Original now I hope my audience will like it.

Would you like to disclose if we're getting to see more of your collaboration with Greg Sauzet?

Well, definitely. We'll collaborate for more projects as per our plans. We are planning to come up with some by the end of the year. I would disclose about the projects on right time.

What's cooking on personal ground?

My life hasn't been an open book, nor a secret diary. I have always tried to stay true to the margin line. So whenever there's a drastic change on personal ground, i believe when i am sure about the change being permanent my audience is supposed to catch up with it. Afterall they have made me who i am. As of now all the changes that seem constant in my life are standing exactly where they are. Whenever they move a little forward or backward my audience shall get to know.

How does it feel to ride the chart with your legally wedded husband always by your side?

I truly love this "always by your side" phrase. Basically it is not as easy as it appears. It is certainly amazing to be emotionally by someone's side, but by being a part of work requirements talent and dedication. Agniv has got a successful career as an engineer, he might have chose not to be so dedicated in case of cinematography. But he took this seriously too. From selecting location to innumerable takes, he is a dedicated one. It feels literally amazing to have someone like him in my life.

How much impact do you think social media tends to have on career of any performing artist?

Well, to begin with social media is the first platform to let your audience know what's coming soon on work front and what just started to stream. Adding to that social network is a very easy place to connect to your audience and get to know what they expect from you. To conclude with, it does have huge impact on our career ,but it certainly isn't all we have to offer or simply all we do. It's a part of it.

Do you post often about your accomplishments?

Yeah, if that happens often i post often. If it takes time, that's simply the way it is. I don't quite agree with people preaching blowing your own trumpet is the need of the era to support sustainability. I truly, beg to differ, i must say if something amazing happens to us we run to our near and dear ones to share the good news right! So why not consider our audience as near and dear ones. They are the ones that make us who we are. Therefore it is all about sharing happiness. If you are watching the same from a jealous, frastrated point of view it may look like blowing your own trumpet. But i love to focus on the love and let go of hatred, jealousy, frastration and everything that's not positive.