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Interviews |  03 Feb 2023 16:19 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Writing 'Scheming' reminded me of why I love songwriting says Nikitaa

MUMBAI: Mumbai/Los Angeles Singer-Composer Nikitaa drops a special song “Scheming”.

To know more about the release Radioandmusic got in touch with singer Nikitaa. She said “This song is definitely special for me”.

Check the interview below:

In a statement released with the song, Nikitaa describes writing the song helped her break a dry spell with her writing, and “I honestly wrote it just for fun - with zero attention devoted to "release strategy" or "brand management" or anything like that. Writing Scheming reminded me why I love songwriting once again”.

Are you doing a music video for  “Scheming”? If so what can we look forward to?

Scheming will not have an official music video! But I am planning some visuals for a different version of this song !

What’s your next step for indie music?

I'm looking to really get in a lot more live performances this year, and I've just been enjoying creating with new producers and writers. That and TikTok has actually been a big focus for me - it's a platform where I feel more free to share openly and informally - a place to connect even better with my listeners and call in new ones.

Upcoming projects?

I've been writing a LOT since November! My next release for February is already scheduled and I'm so excited for that! This year is going to be more honest, raw and vulnerable music than ever before, while still being just as tongue in cheek as I tend to be.