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Interviews |  29 Nov 2023 12:10 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Rapper Panther talks about 'Galat Karam' in collaboration with Delhi Rapper Raga

MUMBAI: Rapper Panther releases a new independent song titled ‘Galat Karam' in collaboration with Delhi Rapper ‘Raga’.

"Galat Karam" is not just a song; it's a movement that encapsulates the experiences and aspirations of two exceptional artists who have faced life's trials and tribulations head-on. Their authentic stories and unfiltered passion are sure to resonate with fans of rap and hip-hop.

Check the interview below:

What is the story behind “Galat Karam”?

Panther and Raga were chilling at the studio and this beat came up. Panther mumbled a hook using the word “Galat Karam” and Raga joined the same. Both vibed too much with the hook hence it led to “Galat Karam”

Share us a memory you won’t forget while collaborating with Delhi Rapper Raga?

I started being his fan back when he just began to drop his music in 2015/16. From there to collaborating with him, it's all a memory I can’t forget.

Please let us know the speciality of the video of this song?

I’ve always felt that Indian Hiphop visuals have been a cheap copy of Visuals in Western Hiphop. I tend to bring Originality, Genius & Greatness to my visuals. If you notice, you can see that in my music Videos like “Galat Karam” & “Saiyyan Ji”, etc. I’m lucky enough to have Tuhin Chandra always guiding me through along with some great directors like Abhay Singh & Mayank Flash.

Future projects?

“Galat Karam” is the first single from my second mixtape “Flying Towards the City”. This tape will be something for the books and will be mentioned whenever they’ll talk about Indian Hiphop after a decade, that’s it, I said it!