Entertainment  |  29 Nov 2023

Rapper Panther talks about 'Galat Karam' in collaboration with Delhi Rapper Raga

MUMBAI: Rapper Panther releases a new independent song titled ‘Galat Karam' in collaboration with Delhi Rapper ‘Raga’.

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Entertainment  |  13 Oct 2023

5 breakthrough Hustlers from MTV Hustle 2.0

MUMBAI: India’s first-ever rap reality television show "MTV Hustle" is known as the forging ground for extraordinary talent, giving aspiring artis

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Entertainment  |  04 Sep 2023

Panther's album 'Kasam Paida Karne Wale Ki' unveils a musical odyssey of emotions

MUMBAI : Renowned MTV Hustle 2.0 artist is ready to embark the listeners on a mesmerizing musical journey, as the talented artist Panther releases

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