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Interviews |  26 Feb 2019 18:29 |  By RnMTeam

I have often been asked to sing in Hindi in reality shows, which was a challenge for me: Aditi Iyer

MUMBAI: Aditi Iyer, a 14-year-old gifted western classical/opera and English pop artist has been performing since she was eight years old. She has collaborated with many talented musicians and senior artists like Aditya Narayan, BlaaZe, Jimmy Khan and The Big Ears (Walnut Studios), Ankita Sachdev, Vasuda Sharma, Chintoo Bhosle, and Ravi Iyer.

Aditi was invited to sing on live TV in Europe, while she has also sung for several radio broadcasts in Europe and India (including 94.3 Radio One and 92.7 Big FM). In a more explanatory narrative, Aditi Iyer has shared details with Radioandmusic about her musical career, challenges faced, inspiration and her projects etc.

How did music happen to you?

I started humming tunes when I was nine months old and music and singing became my life from then on. When my mother put The Beatles song on, I almost felt addicted to it and wanted to hear more. I loved how music sounded.

When was the first time, you felt that music was your passion?

I don’t think there ever was a first time, I felt that music was my passion and my life, but I do remember the times when at the age of three, I had learnt all nursery rhymes there. Even when I was in British School, Jakarta, my teachers couldn’t believe. I also went up on the school stage interrupting a recital and sang the Little Einstein’s theme song much to everyone’s awe and admiration. Later, when I was around four years of age, my parents bought me my first iPad and I had learnt the very tricky Celine Dion’s Power of Love and sang it pretty well to everyone’s shock. By then, I figured out that I really loved and was passionate about music.

What were the challenges that came across your way?

There have been many challenges. I taught myself English pop when I was just four years old by listening to music icons and when I turned eight, my teacher Situ Singh Buehler tried to see if Opera was my thing. I started learning the breathing techniques and loved doing classical and opera songs within a few months. Then came the dilemma when I was asked to choose between singing western classical/ opera and contemporary pop songs. It’s very rare and difficult for a singer to do both and almost a singer chooses one of them. I did not choose but decided to break the mould by doing both of them and devised my own unique singing techniques to blend and create an amalgamation. Now I sing everything in my own unique popera way i.e. western classical/ opera and Broadway and English Pop. 

I was often been asked to sing in Hindi in reality shows, which was a challenge for me. While they have loved my rendition as a western vocalist, I have lost some opportunities because in India it’s predominantly Hindi. Having said that, I want to create that niche and things are improving. And, by the grace of God, since I never give up, opportunities have been coming my way and I hope to become a big international singer from India. 

What are the major teachings that you have received while learning music?

Music is a great leveler and has taught me to be humble and grateful and never give up and yes, being open-minded helps. I sing diligently every day and try to do new things and experiment as well as experience newer things to create more music. I improve and become better and there’s nothing more satisfying than being with your one true love, which is music in my case. Music is the best healer and with my music and singing, I hope to reach millions of people around the world. 

Who has been your biggest inspiration and why? 

Music itself has been my biggest inspiration as it runs in my veins. I cannot even remember when I started singing. My mom tells me, I started as early as when I was nine months old. But among the legends of music, I’d say, Mozart, Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson, Edith Piaf, Celine Dion and the Beatles have really influenced me. 

Who/What has motivated/ supported you?

My parents have really supported and motivated me in my music and my uncle too has helped in many things including the technological aspects of my singing. My teacher, Ms Situ’s techniques have always helped me through. Also, my current schools in Mumbai, Singapore International School, and my previous school, Pathways Aravali have immensely supported me in giving me opportunities to perform. Also, I cannot thank my social media followers (YoTube / Fb/ Instagram) supporters enough. They have always supported me and given me so much love for which I am always grateful.

Where do you see yourself in the coming years?

I see myself being more accomplished in music and singing. I aim to perform at prestigious venues in India and abroad and want to sing for millions of people around the world. 

What are your upcoming plans and projects?

Currently, I am working on my original song called Miss Messy, written by me. A Dutch collaborator has done the music and arrangement. We are planning to release it in March. Miss Messy is all about how you can to be true to yourself. I am also doing another interesting overseas collaboration based on Greek mythology. It’s centered on Goddess Persephone and is a 15-song classical based album. I am singing the part of Persephone and cannot wait for this to release and for everyone to hear it. 

Aditi has won AFRC Art for Education award by the AFRC Alumni Association and members of the Peace Gong Kerala Bureau in 2015.