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Interviews |  23 Jul 2019 13:19 |  By Namrata Kale

My profession has groomed and made me a responsible person: RJ Kartik

Are you low on some motivation in life? If the answer is yes, then you should listen to motivational stories of MY FM RJ Kartik. This award-winning enthusiastic RJ, who is among the top three most followed radio jockeys in the country, started as an intern at MY FM Jaipur. He went on air in 2010 and kicked off as a afternoon RJ. He later began hosting a morning show, where his fans eagerly waited to effectively hear his voice at 7 am.
He ran into nostalgia when he had to name some of his best memories at the station, while he had many flashbacks the RJ couldn’t think of naming one. “I always thought of becoming a RJ at MY FM and here I am, living every bit of it.  I am serving that same channel joh sunke mein bada hua,” he exclaimed.
This down-to-earth RJ has always lived up to people’s expectations leaving no stone unturned to connect to his fans via social media. Currently, the RJ has a whopping of three mn followers on Facebook.  
Below are some quickies that we asked Kartik to know his views better:
What do people like about you?
People love my simplicity, I have never tried faking anything. I believe that if you want to achieve something, you will always get it.
Did becoming a RJ change you as a person?
My profession has groomed and made me a responsible person. While being an RJ, I can keep my point to the public.
Do you think perception of radio has changed over the years?
The perception of radio has changed now all thanks to the content and stories. The job of an RJ is not just to make you laugh or talk for that there are comedians. Midway people had a mindset that RJs come to just play music, I feel that is changing. Currently, RJ s are becoming radio journalists and people, who were earlier disconnected from radio, are connecting again. Radio does have its own audience.
Is it essential to connect with fans through the digital medium?
People are rigorously present on digital platform these days and it’s got quite feasible for them to connect here. If you are a celebrity and do have a social media presence, it’s easy for them to connect to you. If someone misses my show on air, then they could go to my Facebook page and watch it, this is the power of digital medium these days. It’s good to connect and know about someone you admire. 
Can you share some learnings that you have received?
You have to keep patience when it comes to your content and keep sharing it, if you think it is good. You need to be passionate in life. The more you are  humble and grounded, the more you will find good content.
What’s the difficult part of being a RJ?
No matter what's our mood, we don't have to let that affect our work. As a person and as an artist, you shan't make it obvious that you are having a bad mood. 
How do you cheer yourself amidst crazy moods?
RJing helps me in cheering during crazy time as that’s what I love doing.
What radio stations need to be presently doing?
There is good content out there and at times radio stations tend to miss out that content thinking audience will not hear it, but that’s not true. Radio needs to get experimental if they want to grow, and drive good content. People have always loved, appreciated good content. In terms of content, stations need to think about, what new could be brought to the table.
What’s your next move?
I believe in achieving short term goals. In terms of connecting with my crowd, I am sooner going to plan a meet up to meet my fans face-to-face.
Any advice to budding RJs?
One needs to have passion and patience in order to succeed in his/her career.