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News |  16 Mar 2016 17:32 |  By RnMTeam

Singer Arzutra Garielle of UK finds true love in Bollywood

MUMBAI: We've heard of musicians that play Indian instruments like tabla, sitar and flute amongst others. But, it's rare when you come across a singer who shows inclination towards Indian music and we don't mean classical music. We are talking Bollywood. We at recently came across such a singer.

Well, this Indian music lover is Arzutra Garielle who has released two beautiful Hindi singles titled 'Woh Pal' and 'Aa Vee Jaa' from her dbut album 'Woh Pal.' This UK born and bred singer fell head-over-heels in love with Bollywood music at the age of 11. Following the path of her heart, she went on to learn various Indian languages with the help of vocal coaches Chiranjib Chakraborty of India and Nisar Daniel of Pakistan.

It's not that people did not warn her about trying her luck in a different country and langugae but Garielle stayed firm on her decission. And she is pretty proud of it because she truly loves Bollywood. "Bollywood music is very close to my heart as I grew up listening to it. I highly respect singers such as Lata Mangeshkar and Shreya Goshal. I love all kinds of Indian songs be it - ‘Bhangra’, ‘Qwallis’,‘Gazals’, ‘Rajasthani Folk songs’ or ‘Indi-pop’. I think currently India is in the stage of music experimentation. There are a lot of different genres and sounds influencing music in India. With so many amazing collaborations happening, it is taking the Indian Music scene worldwide. I truly believe that with great music, language is never a barrier and it manages to touch the hearts of all who listen to it. And that’s the beauty of Indian music, it is universal because it encompasses such depth and beauty lyrically that it remains with you forever," said the singer.

Talking in-depth about Indian music the 'Woh Pal' singer said that she loves the melodies of Indian songs. "Since, I don't speak the language my initial attraction is to the sound. I know Indian music is generally very deep lyrically, therefore once I learn the lyrics translation and go deeper into the song past the music, it makes me feel like I am experiencing love and all the emotions associated with the words. I'm always in love when I listen to Indian music, whether it's my own music, Lata Mangeskhar or Arijit Singh," stated Garielle.

Garielle who is currently focused on her debut album 'Woh Pal' something that she is making in collaboration with musician Atif Ali and Pakistani guitarist Fakhar Abbas wishes to make it to Bollywood. "Bollywood is the driving force behind my music. Every step I have taken in my music career to date from coaching to making music, has all been inspired by my desire to sing in the style and language of Bollywood. When you hear my album you will hear, that it is heavily Bollywood orientated and influenced."

However the singer does not want to work on cover versions of Bollywood songs like most. "I get requests from fans to do Bollywood covers but truthfully I would rather invest my time in original music for my album and also to grow opportunities to sing for Bollywood projects," averred the singer.

Garielle sings in Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi.