Entertainment  |  15 Apr 2021

Bollywood inspired British Pop Star, Arzutra Garielle, becomes the only Indian Asian Female Singer to launch 2 Albums within a year

MUMBAI: British Asian Pop Star Arzutra Garielle’s much awaited 2nd Album ‘Tumhaari’ has hit the floors and been garnering showers of love from Indi

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Entertainment  |  16 Mar 2021

1st Indian Female Singer to launch two Albums in a year, Singer Arzutra Garielle, launches 2nd Album ‘Tumhaari’

Whilst other Singers have been busy releasing singles, Arzutra Garielle is busy releasing Albums.

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Entertainment  |  16 Feb 2021

Pop Star Arzutra Garielle announces a surprise gift for audiences suffering from Covid-19

MUMBAI: British Asian Singer and Pop Star Arzutra Garielle announces she is offering a completely free private virtual show for all key workers ac

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Entertainment  |  19 Jan 2021

Arzutra Garielle tests Covid Positive and helps with tips on how to beat Corona Virus

MUMBAI: It’s confirmed that British Asian singer Arzutra Garielle has be tested positive for Covid-19.

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Entertainment  |  26 Dec 2020

Pop star Arzutra Garielle has a special Christmas message for all the lovely ladies in her next music video 'Manchali'

Pop some champagne as the Indian origin British pop-star, Arzutra Garielle, has announced her next music single titled ‘Manchali’.

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Entertainment  |  20 Aug 2020

British Pop star Arzutra Garielle's Tumhaari Remix with DJ Shadow Dubai gets a thumbs up from fans

MUMBAI: Bollywood inspired British pop star Arzutra Garielle recently released the remixed version of her most loved single 'Tumhaari' on

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Entertainment  |  28 Jul 2020

On popular demand, pop-star Arzutra Garielle releases Tumhaari's remix with international Award Winning DJ Shadow Dubai

MUMBAI: British Pop star Arzutra Garielle recently released a new single titled ‘Tumhaari’ & since the single dropped ‘Tumhaari’ has been at th

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Entertainment  |  17 Jul 2020

Arzutra Garielle shares story behind 'Tumhaari'; intended to be a gift to her lover

MUMBAI: Bollywood inspires British singer Arzutra Garielle to launch a career making Indian albums, after the success of her debut album ‘Woh Pal,’

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Entertainment  |  11 May 2020

Shreya Ghoshal inspires British pop star, Arzutra Garielle, to release her debut music album 'Woh Pal'

MUMBAI: British Born Singer, Arzutra, fell in love with Bollywood at a very early age. She toured the world. Launched numerous music videos.

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Entertainment  |  17 Apr 2018

Arzutra Garielle's debut album 'Love Was My Idea' is a tribute to her fans

MUMBAI: British singer Arzutra Garielle is known for her soulful voice.

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Entertainment  |  13 Jul 2017

Arzutra Garielle releases new single 'Kamli'

MUMBAI: Arzutra Garielle, is a British Asian singer who does not speak Hindi but sings in Hindi.

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