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News |  17 Jul 2020 18:50 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Arzutra Garielle shares story behind 'Tumhaari'; intended to be a gift to her lover

MUMBAI: Bollywood inspires British singer Arzutra Garielle to launch a career making Indian albums, after the success of her debut album ‘Woh Pal,’ British Pop star Arzutra Garielle has release her next single titled “Tumhaari”, the new love song we will all be singing this monsoon.

“Tumhaari” is an emotional song for the singer, she feels like it’s an experience. “It is my most romantic song till date”.

The acoustic original “Tumhaari” is produced by Dubai based composer Atif Ali, Music Producer of several Bollywood films. For the Remix, Arzutra said she was lucky enough to collaborate with award-winning DJ Shadow, who has produced for Sean Paul, Pitbull and other renowned Western mainstream artists.

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“The song was written dedicated to my new lover at the time of a new blossoming relationship and recorded days after he broke her heart. I cried for 8 hours straight on a flight back to London from Dubai after the New Year’s tragic heartbreak. My producer nearly sent me home as I couldn’t stop crying standing in the recording booth. The song reminds me of a reversible sweatshirt. On one side, the lyrics resemble falling in love and on the other side there is hurt”, Arzutra shared.

While listening to the song she has more memories of tears rolling down from her face on the Emirates flight than memories of when she fell in love with him. The “Woh Pal” singer is one of those people who wipes out all the good memories of her ex’s. Once it’s over everything becomes history.

Sharing her inspiration behind the song, “All my songs are inspired by love and my melodies are very Bollywood inspired. We decided to take the acoustic path on this song as I said to my producer, Atif Ali, that I wanted an uber romantic song. Actually, this song was not intended to be launched publicly. This was intended to be a gift to my lover at the time for his birthday”.

Yet another romantic song added to the list. “My fans are die hard romantics”. Most of her upcoming songs will be more romantic songs. Her romantic focus has been the influence of Bollywood in her upbringing. “I am thankful for that because it elevates me when I’m singing about love and romance”. Even when she’s not in a relationship, the songs make her feel like she is. The “Dard Mein” singer lives in a surreal world as she travels in time with the songs. They are like experiences for her.

This is Arzutra’s 14th Hindi single, speaking about her experience making Indian albums as her career she thinks she would have made an easier life out of singing in her native language English. However, that’s not to say she won’t try in the future. Since childhood all she heard was Bollywood music playing in her home so Indian music was the biggest influence she had. “When I started singing it really was only natural, I would sing in Indian. My parents never had anything playing in the home other than Bollywood”, she adds.

The music industry is evolving so fast, “I am doing what I want with a great consistency and perfection”. She wants to give her all to her fans. Arzutra’s vision is to be the best singer she can be. She has some really big projects for 2020. The singer has two albums lined up for this year, 6 singles and a massive entrepreneurial health venture.