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News |  29 Nov 2016 11:00 |  By RnMTeam

Wrap-up of November music videos: Sparsh, Bandish Projekt, FuzzCulture, The Family Cheese

MUMBAI: The No-Shave-November or the No-Money-November (for some) finally prepares to draw curtains to lead the way to the last month of 2016; a year that surprised us with quite a few remarkably unique music videos throughout its course. And November continued to throw music videos at us, and the fans surely do not mind a bit.

Here’s our pick of the music videos that upped the ante for the respective bands and others -


Released on VH1 before the official release on digital channels, the Delhi-based act FuzzCulture’s ‘Gemini’ – released on 23 November – became the band’s fourth official music video. From its latest ‘Twins’, the track ‘Gemini’ features vocalist/guitarist in the music video along with singer/songwriter Heather Andrews in a compelling video set against a storyline in linear with the concept EP revolving around – in broader sense – humans’ response when faced with danger. Conceptualised by musician/producer Nikhil Malik, ‘Gemini’ music video is a collaborative effort of Srijan Mahajan’s photography (the other half of FuzzCulture), and VHStudios’ seamless visual effects.


For six years, the Mumbai-based Hindi rock band Sparsh worked towards its first album release, and finally, the band released its first two singles ‘Ab Jaag Jaa’ and ‘Samandar’ on iTunes and other channels. However, Samandar made more news (for obvious reasons), thanks to an accompanying music video featuring a young woman (portrayed on-screen by actress Sharanya Narayanan) seeking a place where she belongs, and the journey that ends with her tryst with the ‘samandar’ (‘sea’ in English).

Bandish Projekt

2016 will be especially remembered for the sudden (and long overdue) rise of hip-hop in the live scene and beyond. The mainstream ‘hip-hop’ faces like Badshah continued the Bollywood saga, while the closer-to-the-indie names like Naezy and Divine benefited the most with the sheer response the genre has garnered through several efforts. One of the most versatile and popular solo acts in the country, Bandish Projekt isn’t new to the idea of collaborations. Dropping melody-inclined songs with emphasis on narration has been Bandish Projekt’s identity, and hence the recent collaborations with street rappers of Mumbai are turning out to be a rage in the city’s hip-hop community. Among the recent releases, Bandish Projeck ft. MC Mawali, titled ‘Mumbai Aamchi’ captures the rapper’s perception of the city that never sleeps in a free verse. Bandish Projekt or Mayur Narvekar utilises the iconic Bollywood song ‘Dheere Dheere Bol Koi Sunn Na Le’ in unexpected places, in his typical manner.

The Family Cheese

November also saw the release of, possibly, the funniest music video of the year. A Parsi young boy’s life in a Parsi family with a non-Parsi girlfriend, rapped through the words of Yohan Marshall stands out as a hilarious imitation of life in a traditionally orthodox family. A little over than two minutes, the video involves motion graphics, ‘trippy’ visual references that just settle perfectly with the sound.

The brief wrap of the music videos that surfaced in the month of November also features Dossers Urge documentation of its recent American visit for the upcoming album through the track ‘Erase’, Vasu Dixit’s ‘Mullu’   and Misha Ghose’s reimagination of Dualist Inquiry’s ‘Violet’ .