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News |  28 Apr 2018 11:44 |  By RnMTeam

I want to give people an idea of what they can expect from the album before they pay for it: Raghav Meattle


MUMBAI: Internet has proved its worth for budding artistes in many ways. It has given a platform to them to present their work, it has given them recognition. What’s more, the concept of crowdfunding can actually help an artiste fulfil his artistic dreams. One such artiste is, Raghav Meattle.

A known name in the gig circuit, Raghav has established himself well in past one years, “I am basically from Delhi and was working in Bengaluru as a marketing person for a start-up. But, I eventually felt like doing this as my career. That’s why I quit my job last year and moved to Mumbai.”

Raghav quit his full-time job in the bustling e-commerce start-up scene in Bangalore and moved to the city after gaining some exposure from his appearance on The Stage, a singing reality show for English Music. His new single and music video, Better Than It All gives us insight into his thoughts while he spent time alone in the city.

The new release aims to garner support for the crowdfunding campaign, through which the musician aims to raise INR 200,000. “I want to give people an idea of what they can expect from the album before they pay for it,” he says.

“I have been playing at lot of live gigs and have managed a decent following over social media. I would be releasing a song, which would be open for crowdfunding. Basis the money collected through it, I would start working on my dream-of releasing my six tracks. The work on it is on, almost to completion,” he shares.

What sets his music apart is the fact that he is playing a different genre altogether, “I play what can be best termed as Contemporary Folk. The lyrics for the song I would release form crowdfunding are written by my friend Nidhi and apart from that too, I have a supporting team.”

He further adds, "I have on bass guitar Nishant Nagar, drums and producer Zain Calcuttawala, backing vocals Hitesh Kumar, additional guitars short round (Jishnu Guha), mastered by Ayan De, mixed by Zain Calcuttawala."

Raghav’s thinking is very clear too, “According to me, content is everything. I do covers, but I believe creating originals is where the skill lies. My two demo videos on YouTube have been received extremely well and each has a viewership of minimum 40,000.”

Raghav also feels his music, though can be enjoyed by everyone, has defined audience, “My music is tempo based and groovy, therefore college going kids enjoy it the most. But, beyond that too, the age bracket could be stretched from 22-35 years.”

Recently being nominated in the ‘Best Pop Artist’ category by the Radio City Freedom Awards, Raghav also shares his music journey, “I have learnt classical music when I was kid. I believe in working on original stuff more than covers.”

About future plans, Raghav says, “Apart from the six tracks I am working on, I am open to collaborate with any other independent artiste or even sing for movies. I am open for anything that connect me to music.”

He signs off saying, “I will be releasing the track for crowdfunding by mid-May and I hope to raise enough funds for my purpose."
Cant wait for his next track to be out!