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News |  29 May 2020 18:01 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Prabh Deep: 'Chitta' is based on a character made up in my mind

MUMBAI: Delhi-based phenom Prabh Deep released his first single “Chitta” which is available exclusively available in Resso for 2 weeks.

“Chitta” reflects on deep rooted problems that the singer faced in his neighbourhood while growing up. There were and still are a lot of people who think that gangs, guns, and fights are ‘Cool’, when they are not. “The song gets me in the zone and I’m still a bad guy. And in my childhood, bad people doing good and good people doing bad, the whole concept behind the song is based on it” Prabh Deep shared on what the song was based on.

Listen here:

“‘Chitta’ is based on a character made up in my mind” said the singer. “It was very interesting to work on this. It’s something I have never done before”.

Further, the singer expressed his experience collaborating with Resso, “My experience with Resso has been special, I have learnt so many things. It is amazing to see everyone working together on one song. I look forward to more collaborations like this”.

Prabh Deep voiced the song as well as composed the lyrics, he definitely feels he did justice to the song. When he produced the beat, he said, he could feel what needed to be done and it just flowed from there.

With the current scenario across the world, the singer cannot assure if “Chitta” will get good traction, but he has a strong gut that his fans are waiting for it. “I think people are not in the mindset to hear something deep. This song is for the fans. I want them to enjoy it. Everyone is at home right now, some trying to find their way back home”.

People are in different headspaces so it is not easy to know how well the song will do, said the singer. “People’s music tastes will change, I personally have heard 10 different genres in the last two months. I just hope my fans enjoy it” he adds.

Prabh Deep delves into his life at home during lockdown, “It has changed me. I have started eating clean and healthy. I have reduced plastic usage by almost 90% now. I am taking care of myself better. I work out and eat good food that helps keep physically and mentally well”.

If everything is controlled and the situation calms, the singer might release a 2nd album this year. “It’s hard to say what will happen, but we definitely have things lined up, it all depends on how the year goes”.