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News |  13 Apr 2021 14:30 |  By Namrata Kale

Shweta Shetty on returning with a different vibe to the music scene after 21 years

MUMBAI: Indian pop singer Shweta Shetty who awarded the Best Female Pop Artist for her work in the album Deewane To Deewane Hain at 1998 Screen Awards did recently released a Disco Dance Version of her 90s hits Jalne Mein Hai Mazaa.

View the track here:

“Jalne Mein Hain Mazaa is about love and passion. Love is so intense and has two sides to it. It makes you euphoric, but it can also burn u to ashes. But that’s the beauty of true love, that even the pain you go through is worth it. I love lyrics by Maya Govind. It’s so sensual and deep,” expressed Shweta Shetty.

She further added, “Experience was amazing!! To return after 21 years with a disco/retro/ house feel song and with a diff sound and look was extremely exciting. So happy and excited with the feedback from all over. This song was conceived during the lockdown. Kept me so busy, that I didn’t even feel the gravity of the situation. Took us months just to get the sound right and exactly what we wanted to give my fans. Leave the stress behind and get on the dance floor with my song. Addy S did a great job with bringing my idea’s to life.”

Meanwhile Shweta has many projects in the pipeline.

“I’ve sung for a big production house and label for a film. Whether Bollywood is in a mood to forgive and forget... It could be a fantastic foray into films,” summed up Shweta.

Shweta is considered a legendary 90s pop icon of India. her music is still very popular all over the world and maintains a big fan following.

Her very first album in 1990 and Hindi Lambada in 1991 released at a time when there were no music channels, no MTV, Channel V, etc. Till 1992 happened and Shweta was discovered by Atul Churamani of Magna Sound at the Independence Rock concert singing Scorpion´s ‘Still Loving You’, who were on the lookout for some fresh talent for their new record label.