Entertainment  |  28 Apr 2021

Shweta Shetty: My struggle was the uncharted route I took

MUMBAI: Singer Shweta Shetty says that her struggle has been due to the unconventional route she has taken in the music industry, and has revolved

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Entertainment  |  13 Apr 2021

Shweta Shetty on returning with a different vibe to the music scene after 21 years

MUMBAI: Indian pop singer Shweta Shetty who awarded the Best Female Pop Artist for her work in the album Deewane To Deewane Hain at 1998 Screen Awa

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Entertainment  |  19 Mar 2021

Shweta Shetty’s latest track ‘Jalne Mein Hai Mazaa’ brings disco back with a bang!

MUMBAI: Shweta Shetty redefined the pop music culture in India with her album ‘Johnny Joker’.

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Entertainment  |  17 Mar 2021

Pop icon Shweta Shetty brings the happier 90's back with 'Jalne Mein Hai Mazaa'!

MUMBAI: Whether you were a 90's baby or not, you've heard of Shweta Shetty who redefined the Indian pop music genre and was among the few

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Entertainment  |  25 Jun 2020

31 of India's biggest artists celebrate unity in diversity with #MusicThatMakesMe initiative

MUMBAI: #MusicThatMadeMe, an artist-led unit that is centered around paying homage to the music, the musicians and the stories that made them who t

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Entertainment  |  10 Dec 2016

British dance group STOMP enthralls Indian celebs

MUMBAI: British dance-theatre group STOMP, who are celebrating their 25th anniversary through a series of performances, mesmerised Indian celebriti

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Entertainment  |  19 Jun 2015

World music and its influence on Bollywood over the years

MUMBAI: Most music created in Bollywood today has been influenced by different sounds from all over the world.

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