Entertainment  |  28 Feb 2024

Introducing DJ Sheizwood Sanatani YouTube Channel and DJ Sheizwood Sanatani Band- A Fusion of spiritualism and entertainment

MUMBAI: DJ Sheizwood, renowned music composer and singer, unveils his latest venture, the YouTube channel "DJ Sheizwood Sanatani," poised to revolu

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Entertainment  |  16 Jan 2024

Media Max Entertainment, Anuradha Paudwal, DJ Sheizwood aka Ashish Chandra unveil spiritual anthem 'Ram Lala Ghar Aa Gaye'

MUMBAI: Media Max Entertainment proudly announces the launch of "Ram Lala Ghar Aa Gaye” a soul-stirring spiritual song dedicated to the auspicious

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Entertainment  |  16 Nov 2023

Dj Sheizwood unveils spiritual symphony 'Shree Radha Govind Gopal' on Mediamax Bhakti'

MUMBAI : Esteemed artist Dj Sheizwood, renowned for his musical prowess, joins forces with Avi Pandey of Mediamax Bhakti to release their latest

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Entertainment  |  31 Oct 2023

700 Million views later: Music composer DJ Sheizwood’s ' Main Sharabi Hoon' strikes back with a bang, back by popular demand

MUMBAI : Following the phenomenal success of the 2020 hit "Main Sharabi Hoon," which garnered a staggering organic 700 million views, Mediamax Ent

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Entertainment  |  18 Oct 2023

Celebrate Navratri with the Enchanting Beats of 'Radhey Radhey Dan Diya Raas' music by Dj Sheizwood, vocals by Deepshikha Nagpal and presented by Mediamax Entertainment

MUMBAI : Get ready to immerse yourself in the joyous spirit of Navratri with the release of the sensational new song, "Radhey Radhey Dan Diya Raas

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Entertainment  |  29 Sep 2023

Iconic song 'Aaja Piya' returns with a modern twist

MUMBAI : Featuring Alpita Punjabi & Rishaab Chauhaan, Producer: Queen A Productions, Director: Sumeet Saahil, DOP: Eliezer Sircar, Music Direct

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Entertainment  |  06 Mar 2023

Celebrate this Holi with Mediamax Entertainment & DJ Sheizwood 's new song "Holi Mein Bawaal" sung by Vishal Srivastav

MUMBAI: If you really wish to enjoy the colourful festival, it is imperative that you lend your ears to Holi Mein Bawaal.

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Entertainment  |  01 Mar 2022

Mediamax Entertainment presents a soulful track ‘O Bhole' On the occasion of Maha Shivratri

]MUMBAI: Mediamax Entertainment presents ‘O Bhole’ featuring Sunny K, Music: Sushil Kumar Boghi, Singer/lyrics: Raj Kumar, Camera & post-produc

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Entertainment  |  17 Feb 2022

This season of love; Betrayal is an extension of Love "Bewafai" by Legendary DJ Sheizwood & Ashok Masti

MUMBAI: A song for those who are nursing a broken heart.

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Entertainment  |  06 Jan 2022

Recording of Mediamax Entertainment 's maiden song composed by Legendary DJ and music composer DJ Sheizwood song "DJ Baajan De" sung by Jyotica Tangri & MD Desi Rockstar

MUMBAI: Let's celebrate with a toast and get drained in the song DJ Baajan De by the music composer DJ Sheizwood

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Entertainment  |  06 Sep 2021

DJ Sheizwood to dedicate launch of 'Peete Peete Pi Gaya' to Sidharth

MUMBAI: DJ Sheizwood is returning with another single, 'Peete Peete Pi Gaya' after 'Main Sharabi'.

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