Biz  |  10 Apr 2020

Study: An increase in radio listenership during the lockdown

MUMBAI: Due to increase in technology radio wasn’t quite listened to for a couple of years before in top six metros of the country but studies have

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Biz  |  12 Jul 2017

Sun TV gets allotted FM channel in Chennai after legal battle

NEW DELHI: M/s SUN TV Network Ltd., which had successfully bid for a channel in Chennai in the first batch e-auction of Private FM Radio Phase-III

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Biz  |  09 Nov 2016

FM Phase III: No increase in bids for Hyderabad and Dehradun even as more bidders enter fray

NEW DELHI: Hyderabad continues to lead with its bid of Rs 23,43,48,266 in the FM Phase III on the seventh day though it remains around Rs 2.35 mil

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Biz  |  08 Dec 2015

AIR's FM channels aim to reach areas not covered by medium or short wave radio

New Delhi: Although All India Radio has 378 FM stations as compared to 243 active private FM stations, it covers about 45 per cent of the populatio

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