Biz  |  09 Feb 2024

Horus Music expands to offer publishing for all Independent artists and songwriters

MUMBAI: Having been in business for 17 years, Horus Music have seen roaring success supporting artists and labels across the globe through their aw

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Biz  |  10 Oct 2008

Bands turn to Bollywood

Rock and pop bands and solo artistes in the country, thus far content with albums and live performances, are increasingly taking up film music...

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Entertainment  |  02 Sep 2008

I-Rock winner SILVER - 'Our intention was to have as much fun up onstage and connect with the listeners'

Silver just wanted to be a part of Independence Rock. However, the Pune based band ended up being a part of the winning list of the XXII Independence...

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Entertainment  |  15 Apr 2008

Rock band Dream Out Loud in Rock On!

MUMBAI:Chandresh Kudwa, lead guitarist of band Dream out Loud recently donned the mantle of guitar guru. Chandresh took it upon himself to coach...

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Entertainment  |  31 Mar 2008

Swarathma vocalist Jishnu Dasgupta - 'Music is the common thread, but it's friendship that holds us together'

They are the winners of what is arguably the first radio talent hunt in India- Swarathma, the 'fusion' band from the Garden City of Bangalore who...

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