Entertainment  |  18 Sep 2021

Kiss Nuka and Kaam Bhaari win ‘Best Song’ at Clef Music Awards

MUMBAI: Kiss Nuka and Kaam Bhaari have won “Best Song” in the general category at the ‘Clef Music Awards’.

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Entertainment  |  25 Jan 2021

Language no barrier, here are 5 Indian musicians you should know about this Republic Day, who triumphed at the global stage

MUMBAI: With their brutally honest lyrics, bustling beats, andinspiring backstories, homegrown Indian rappers have been catapulted into the limeli

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Entertainment  |  26 Dec 2020

When you see 7Bantaiz you see unity, love, brotherhood says Kaam Bhaari

MUMBAI: Rapper Kaam Bhaari who was nominated at the European Music awards 2020, featured in 7 Bantai'Z retro 80’s mumbai vibe song "Meter Down".

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Entertainment  |  23 Dec 2020

Rappers 7Bantai'Z brings retro Bollywood in 'Meter Down'

MUMBAI: Dharavi rappers 7Bantai'Z dropped a Retro 80's Mumbai vibe song “Meter Down”, featuring rapper Kaam Bhaari.

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Entertainment  |  22 Dec 2020

KAAM BHAARI and SPITFIRE wrap 2020 with their much awaited collab

MUMBAI: IncInk releases AUR KARO by roster artists Kaam Bhaari and Spitfire on a power-packed music production by Head of Music and artist-producer

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Entertainment  |  12 Dec 2019

Rapper Kaam Bhaari features in documentary 'Hoop Nation'

MUMBAI: Rapper Kunal Pandagale aka Kaam Bhaari has been featured in the final episode of a lyrical documentary "Hoop Nation".

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Biz  |  09 Dec 2019

INCINK RECORDS drops it's first club mix - Mohabbat Nuka's Bhand mix

MUMBAI:  Actor Ranveer Singh and filmmaker Navzar Eranee’s music label, IncInk Records, dropped its first club mix- MOHABBAT NUKA's BHAND MIX, writ

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Entertainment  |  20 Nov 2019

With Hoop Nation Dee MC, Kaam Bhaari, Spitfire to narrate a story through a track

MUMBAI: Hoop Nation, a first-of-its-kind four-part lyrical documentary series presented by Uber with a culture-driven narrative, Hoop Nation captu

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Entertainment  |  07 Oct 2019

Ranveer Singh's IncInk Records releases first romantic track with Kaam Bhaari

MUMBAI: Actor Ranveer Singh and filmmaker Navzar Eranee’s music label, IncInk Records, released its first romantic song Mohabbat, written

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Entertainment  |  07 Oct 2019

Ranveer Singh showers love and support for MTV Hustle ahead of grand finale!

MTV Hustle, India’s first rap reality show has witnessed a remarkable journey since the start and is now all set for a thrilling, nail-biting gran

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