Entertainment  |  17 Jun 2020

Peter Andre could have been 'as big as the Kardashians'

MUMBAI: Singer Peter Andre says he could have been as big as the reality TV stars the Kardashians if he had not taken a step back from his reality

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Entertainment  |  15 Jun 2020

Peter Andre plans to have more kids

MUMBAI: Singer Peter Andre is planning to have two more children.

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Entertainment  |  08 Apr 2020

Peter Andre grateful to have an extra-large bed

MUMBAI: Singer Peter Andre and his wife Emily have been taking extra precautions during COVID-19.

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Entertainment  |  18 Nov 2019

Peter Andre, wife have regular date nights

MUMBAI: Singer Peter Andre said that he and his wife Emily have regular date nights to keep the romance alive.

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Entertainment  |  26 Feb 2019

Peter Andre shocked by his successful career

MUMBAI: Singer Peter Andre still can't believe the longevity of his career, as he says he sometimes has to pinch hi

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Entertainment  |  01 Mar 2018

Peter Andre won't let his children see him naked

MUMBAI: Singer Peter Andre has not been afraid to parade his chiseled figure throughout his career, but he says he ‘is not comfortable’ being naked

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Entertainment  |  01 Feb 2018

Peter Andre keen to give Buckingham Palace a makeover

MUMBAI: Singer Peter Andre says he would love to give a 21st century vibe to the Buckingham Palace by adding "high-tech" gadgets.

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