Entertainment  |  09 Feb 2024

Ananya Birla Collaborates With Offset, Inks Deal With Global Music Juggernaut BMG

MUMBAI: Multi-platinum singer-songwriter and businessperson Ananya Birla has inked a brand-new record deal with world's fourth largest global music

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Entertainment  |  16 Feb 2022

Cardi B and Offset tattooed their wedding date for Valentine's Day

MUMBAI: Why go the traditional route of flowers and candy with your significant other this Valentine’s Day when you could tattoo each other instead

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Entertainment  |  23 Dec 2021

Cardi B gives Offset $2 Million for his 30th Birthday

MUMBAI: She's said it herself: Cardi B "was born to flex."

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Entertainment  |  30 Jun 2021

See Cardi B maternity photoshot with Offset

MUMBAI: In true Cardi B fashion, her pregnancy announcement was anything but basic.

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Entertainment  |  07 Apr 2021

Listen Cardi B share intimate story of recording 'Um Yea' with Offset

MUMBAI: The first time Cardi B got in the studio to record with Offset things got very steamy. How do we know?

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Entertainment  |  16 Feb 2021

Offset went overboard with Cardi B's Valentine's gift

MUMBAI: Cardi B’s husband Offset gifted her a very expensive handbag on the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2021.

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Entertainment  |  03 Nov 2020

Cardi B officially calls off divorce from Offset

MUMBAI: What divorce?

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Entertainment  |  20 Oct 2020

Cardi B deletes Twitter account after claiming fans were "Harassing" Offset

MUMBAI: Cardi B has had enough.

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Entertainment  |  19 Oct 2020

Check out Cardi B's befitting reply to the ones who criticized her relationship with Offset

MUMBAI: Cardi B is living life on her terms.

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Entertainment  |  13 Oct 2020

Cardi B seen kissing Offset during birthday party

MUMBAI: In true Cardi B fashion, her 28th birthday celebration was lavish and over-the-top.

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Entertainment  |  23 Sep 2020

Cardi B spills truth about Offset; mentioned he "Got a Girl Pregnant"

MUMBAI: The one thing Cardi B won't put up with is lies.

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