Entertainment  |  09 May 2023

Sam Smith cancels Israel gig following backlash over 'satanic' performance

MUMBAI: Singer Sam Smith has pulled the plug on their concert in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Entertainment  |  21 Jan 2022

Robbie Williams recalls gorging on $32 worth of chocolate while asleep

MUMBAI: Singer Robbie Williams once gorged on $32 worth of chocolate while sleeping.

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Entertainment  |  21 Dec 2020

Robbie Williams 'could've dropped dead' from mercury poisoning

MUMBAI: Singer Robbie Williams has given up seafood after mercury poisoning, which he says he got after having too much fish.

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Entertainment  |  22 Sep 2020

Robbie Williams: I'm numerically dyslexic

MUMBAI: Singer Robbie Williams has revealed that he is dyslexic when it comes to digits. He says he has problems in doing simple sums.

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Entertainment  |  29 Jun 2020

Robbie Williams recalls his wild days

MUMBAI: Singer Robbie Williams has shared something from his own experience.

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Entertainment  |  02 Apr 2020

Robbie Williams hasn't seen ghosts since becoming a father

MUMBAI: Singer Robbie Williams says he hasn't seen ghosts ever since he became a father.

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Entertainment  |  30 Dec 2019

Robbie Williams met wife after sleeping with drug dealer

MUMBAI: British pop star Robbie Williams says he met his wife and actress Ayda Field after sleeping with his drug dealer.

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Entertainment  |  12 Dec 2019

My daughter a more talented singer than me: Robbie Williams

MUMBAI: Rock star Robbie Williams says his seven-year-old daughter is a better singer than him. 

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Entertainment  |  04 Dec 2019

UNTOLD festival announces special one day sale for 2020 edition

MUMBAI: UNTOLD Festival (Cluj Napoca, Romania) announces "One Day Sale" due to extremely high interest in their 2020 edition, taking place between

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Entertainment  |  25 Nov 2019

How Robbie Williams' near-death experience changed him

MUMBAI: Singer Robbie Williams says it took nearly dying to change the way he lives.

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Entertainment  |  11 Nov 2019

Why Robbie Williams stays off social media

MUMBAI: Singer Robbie Williams likes to stay offline as he thinks he will ruin his own career if he used social media.

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