Entertainment  |  11 Sep 2023

Flute expert Varad Kathapurkar shares his experience working on The Trial

MUMBAI: Varad Kathapurkar, a prominent musician with 24 years of musical mastery, embodies an inspiring journey from child prodigy to renowned flut

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Entertainment  |  11 Feb 2014

Lavin Uthapa in the aftermath of the Storm talks next edition

MUMBAI: A music festival thrives off of large zesty crowds, which seemed to be missing from the Storm Festival’s new venue for the February 2014 ed

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Entertainment  |  18 Oct 2013

Shankar Mahadevan on his new album and label

MUMBAI: Humility is truly a virtue and Shankar Mahadevan is the live embodiment of it.

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Entertainment  |  11 Oct 2013

Shankar Mahadevan, now the face of Storm Festival 2014

MUMBAI: The man behind a number of Bollywood chartbusters will now also be the face of the Storm Festival 2014.

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Entertainment  |  07 Oct 2013

Shankar Mahadevan on a touring spree

MUMBAI: Recently we reported that Shankar Mahadevan was on a touring spree as the composer will commence his European tour very song with the sarod

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Biz  |  06 Aug 2012

Shankar Mahadevan: "People are hungry for new sounds, only the medium is weak"

MUMBAI: Renowned singer/composer Shankar Mahadevan believes that non-film music is the parallel industry to Bollywood and with digital medium booming...

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Entertainment  |  10 Oct 2011

The Soul of Ghazals - JAGJIT SINGH

MUMBAI:  On Monday morning, the Indian Musical heritage undoubtedly lost its priceless gem that sheltered in the hearts of millions with his...

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Photos  |  04 Feb 2009

Homage to Abbaji 2009

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