| 25 Feb 2024
RJ Malishka's Morning No. 1 show portrays true 'Power of RED FM'

MUMBAI: India’s strongest and most awarded radio network 93.5 RED FM has again proved the phenomenal impact radio can create in the life of Mumbaikars. Mumbai ki Raani RJ Malishka through her morning show not only got the petrol pump authorities in Mumbai to act against corrupt workers but also registered an FIR against them.

 RJ Malishka popularly known for her Morning No. 1 show on RED FM took complete charge of the situation, when a listener Shashank Shetty complained about a theft which has been regularly taking place at Manpadas petrol pump.

 He described how the workers at the station try to distract the people while they keep their eyes on the petrol meter and in turn steal from them. The listener instantly went to the police station, but his complaint was refused, so finally he decided to get in touch with RJ Malishka on REDFM to highlight the issue.

 RJ Malishka did some research on the situation asking other listeners about it. Upon getting an affirmative response, she went straight to the authorities and got an FIR lodged. Arrests were made, and further Indian oil even fired these employees. All this happened in a span of 24 hours and yet again RED FM acted as a catalyst in solving problems for Mumbaikars showing ‘True Power of RED FM’.