| 30 May 2024
RAM report: Top positions retained by the usual suspects

MUMBAI: The Week number 24 led to not many changes to the last week's nature of chart, as the leaders retained their respective territories with an impressive improvement on an average. Fever FM Delhi remained the only leader with loss in its per cent of shares, while the other three leaders improved in their ratings. Mumbai’s leading station Big FM improved the rating to 17.8 per cent, a 0.6 per cent increase compared to the previous week. Fever FM Delhi suffered a drop of 0.7 per cent, whereas Radio Mirchi Kolkata and Radio City Bengaluru both climbed to 20.3 per cent and 22.4 per cent respectively.

In Mumbai, Radio City (shares – 14.6 per cent, T.S.L. – 6.04), Radio Mirchi (13.7 per cent, T.S.L. – 4.16) retained last week’s positions in the top three, followed by the usual suspects Fever FM and Red FM at the fourth and fifth positions respectively. Radio Nasha dropped 0.3 per cent, but retained last week’s position above Oye! FM.

Radio Mirchi (shares – 12.3 per cent, T.S.L. – 3.37) and Radio City (shares – 12 per cent, T.S.L. – 3.34) also occupied the top three positions – at second and third place respectively, in this case – in the capital of the country. Radio Nasha’s retaining of positions despite dropping shares continued to Delhi as the station completed the week with 10.4 per cent shares. Big FM and Red FM switched places, followed by Oye! FM and Hit FM.

No changes were observed in Kolkata, as every radio station retained its last week’s positions, led by Radio Mirchi with 20.3 per cent shares and T.S.L. of 4.38. Big FM improved to 16.6 per cent shares and T.S.L. of 5.23, thus retaining the second position, followed by Fever FM who enjoyed an increase in T.S.L. by 0.3 per cent, but dropped points in shares ending the week at 14.8 per cent. Oye! FM, Red FM, Aamar FM continued their close fight at the third, fourth and fifth positions in the Week number 24.

The stability extended to Bengaluru as the city faced no changes in positions with Radio City (shares – 22.4 per cent, T.S.L. – 9.31), Big FM (shares – 19.9 per cent, T.S.L. – 7.53), Radio Mirchi (shares – 17.7 per cent, T.S.L. – 7.34) retaining the top three positions (in that order), followed by Fever FM and Red FM with a difference of 9.7 per cent shares to separate them. Radio Indigo finished the last week at 1.9 per cent shares.