| 23 Jun 2024
Radio Mirchi remains steady, mixed bag for others

MUMBAI: Week 35 did not prove to be fruitful for most radio stations. Radio One saw a dip in numbers. Except for Kolkata, the station lost in rest of the three metros. The week was a mixed bag for Fever FM where it lost in the city of Bangalore and Kolkata where as added few points in Mumbai and Delhi. Red FM and Big also had a similar story. Radio Mirchi however, managed to add numbers to its kitty in Bangalore, Kolkata and Mumbai while maintained status quo in Delhi   

Bangalore - After climbing the charts last week, leader Big FM slipped in week 35 losing 0.1 points and shaving off 19.3 per cent from the pie. Radio mirchi surged ahead as it gained 0.1 points and took away a share 17.8 per cent. At third spot Fever also lost 0.1 points and managed 15.4 per cent from the pie. Radio City maintained status quo with 12.6 per cent. AIR FM Rainbow surger forward with 0.1 points. After a heated race last week for the sixth postion both Red FM and Radio One saw dip in numbers as it lost a considerable 0.4 and 0.3 points respectively. It will be intersting to see the battle next week, as both the stations are riding on 8.4 per cent of the market share.

Delhi - Leader Mirchi maintained status quo at 24.6 per cent keeping the competitors at bay. At second spot, Fever shed 0.2 points and managed a market share of 18.6 per cent. Both AIR FM Gold and Red FM surged forward gaining 0.1 points and pocketing a share of 17.9 and 9.9 respectively. Last week's star performer Radio City could not keep up with the pace in week 35 as it lost a considearble 0.4 points with a share of 8.4 per cent. Big FM maintained a no loss no gain week at 7.2 per cent. Radio One slipped in numbers losing hefty 0.4 points.

Kolkata - Mirchi garnered 0.1 points in the city to eat away a major chunck of the pie. At 20.4 per cent it maintained its lead in the city. Big FM dropped in week 35 as it lost 0.2 points. Both Friends and Aamar FM marched forward and collected 0.2 and 0.3 points and ate a market share of 11.6 and 10.9 per cent respectively. Fever maintained status quo at 8.6 per cent. Red FM loosened its grip in the city as it lost 0.4 points and the fifth spot to Fever. Radio One stepped up in the city gaining 0.2 points and pocketing a share of 6.5 per cent. Meow FM's woes continues as the station lost a massive 0.5 points.

Mumbai - After two consecutive weeks of loss, Mirchi scooped away 0.1 points in week 35, retaining its numero uno position at 17.5 per cent. Red FM firmed its feet at the second spot gaining 0.2 points and eating away a share of 13.8 per cent. Maintaing status quo at 13.4 points, Radio City settled for the third spot. Big FM lost 0.2 points in the city taking a share of 11.6 per cent followed by AIR FM Gold which saw a no loss no gain week at 11.3 per cent. Losing 0.1 points, at 11 percent of share, Fever came a close next. Radio One slipped further this week losing 0.1 points.

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