| 21 Feb 2024
RAM Wk 8: Mirchi loses ground in Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata

* Radio City is new market leader in Mumbai

MUMBAI: The RAM reports for Week 8 of 2011 seem to have brought bad news for Radio Mirchi, which had been losing market shares in Mumbai over the past three weeks, and is now Mumbai's Number Two, behind the new leader Radio City (15.1%) by 0.4% market share with a total of 14.7%.

(Radio City emerges as market leader in Mumbai)

Mirchi also lost considerable ground in Delhi, dropping from a market share of 23.6% in Week 7 to 21.4% in Week 8, losing 2.2% market share in the city, where it is now ahead of its close rival Fever 104 FM by a mere 0.5% market share. Mirchi's loss in Delhi was primarily Air FM Gold-2's gain, which grew by 1.6% market share to rise from 15.4% in Week 7 to 17% market share in Week 8 and further consolidated its position as a strong Number 3, ahead of Numbers 4 and 5, Red FM and Radio City, closely tied at 9.4% and 9.3% respectively.

In Bangalore, Mirchi had closed Week 7 with a 0.4% market share gain over the previous 4-week average of 18.2%, but Week 8 has it losing a considerable 2% of  market share, to close at 16.2%, and falling from its excellent achievement of becoming joint market leader in a city that of late has been BIG FM's stronghold, to the Number 2,  behind two joint Number Ones, though there is only the slimmest of margins – 0.1% -  separating the top three. In Bangalore, the biggest gainers were AIR FM Vividh Bharti with 1.6%, and Fever 104 FM, whose 1.1 % gain took it to the joint market leader spot with BIG FM at 16.7% market share.

In Kolkata too, Radio Mirchi lost 0.9%  market share, but with a total of 20% market share, is still ahead by 3% of the Number 2, BIG FM, which too lost 0.9% in Week 8 to close at 17% market share. Over the past 5 weeks running, Radio Mirchi has been ahead of the Number 2 BIG FM by the same margin of 3%.

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