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Features |  07 Aug 2015 22:07 |  By RnMTeam

Musicians and their insured body parts

Insurance companies have evolved beyond ‘life and health insurances’, much like most of our celebrities. Put the two together, and you get some sensible, funny and downright outrageous insured body parts. Insuring body parts has become the latest trend in the glamour industry, and our musicians are setting some ‘jaw dropping’ milestones here.

Taylor Swift: The glamorous looking pop superstar is one of the latest to join the ‘I want to insure my favourite body part’ clan. The ‘Blank Space’ singer has reportedly insured her lovely long legs for $40 million. However, the news is still under speculation.

Miley Cyrus:  Miley ‘Tongue’ Cyrus had insured her favourite show-off body part (no no, not that one). We mean her tongue, for $1 million. Now, that’s definitely her most precious body part. 

Mariah Carey: The ‘Touch My Body’ singer seems to be extremely possessive about her legs, and she has apparently insured her pins for $1million. Looks like singers are more concerned about their legs than their voices. 

Jennifer Lopez: The goddess of beauty and voice, Jennifer Lopez, has insured her envies booty for a whooping $27 million. One must secure their assets, and it seems like JLo knows exactly how to do that.

Kylie Minogue: Like JLo, Aussie singer Kylie Minouge seems highly protective of her derriere, and has also secured her booty for $ 5million. 

Madonna: The ‘Queen of Pop’ Madonna has insured her breasts. Those valuable body parts are worth $2 million. 

Rihanna: The ‘Love The Way You Lie’ singer is undoubtedly in love with her dusky legs. However, we expected her to invest a little more than $1million on those sexy long legs.

Bruce Springsteen: Bruce Springsteen really knows the value of his voice, which has won him 20 Grammys in his long music career. Which is why, this husky-voiced singer has insured his vocal cords for $6 million. 

Lata Mangeshkar: The Nightingale of India has sung tons of beautiful melodies. So it is no wonder that she has insured her voice, for an undisclosed sum. 

Keith Richards: The ‘Rolling Stones’ guitarist has insured the middle finger on his left hand for $1.6 million. But it has nothing to do with his guitar skills. The real reason? Richards sticks it out to people so often that he was worried someone would break it off one day. 

David Lee Roth: This American rock vocalist has had his sperm insured. Shocking!!!  Isn’t it?  The singer’s sperm is apparently insured for $1million. 

Tina Turner: Turner may have an amazing singing career, but it was her energetic dancing that made her such an amazing entertainer. Thus, she has insured her legs for $3 million.