Entertainment  |  20 Oct 2023

The Rolling Stones perform surprise set at New York City album release party last night , new album 'Hackey Diamonds' Out now

MUMBAI – Last night, The Rolling Stones took over New York City club, Racket NYC to celebrate the release of their highly anticipated new album Ha

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Entertainment  |  25 Aug 2021

Legendary Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts dead at 80

MUMBAI: In his autobiography, 'Life', Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards says Charlie Watts "has always been the bed that I lie on musically".

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Entertainment  |  02 Apr 2019

Mick Jagger reportedly set for heart surgery

MUMBAI: The Rolling Stones tour postponement, officially attributed last week to an unspecific health concern for M

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Entertainment  |  30 Jan 2018

'Glad to see tabla making inroads into global music scene'

MUMBAI: Many remember him from the popular 1990s ‘Wah Ustaad commercial of Taj Tea where as a young boy, he sits alongside Ustad Zakir Hussain, pla

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Entertainment  |  10 Jul 2017

Rolling Stones musical 'in the works'

MUMBAI: Workshops are taking place in West End here in search of stars to be in a potential Rolling Stones musical.

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Entertainment  |  12 Apr 2017

Raymond Weil celebrates Music icons

MUMBAI: Music and the arts are to Raymond Weil what thought is to humankind – an inexhaustible source of inspiration and creation.

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Entertainment  |  08 Nov 2016

The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards has rain-stopping trick

MUMBAI: Guitarist Keith Richards believes he can stop the rain with a magic stick.

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Entertainment  |  27 Sep 2016

Keith Richards 'disappointed' for not appearing on death lists

MUMBAI: The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards was "disappointed" when he stopped appearing on the list of stars most likely to die.

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Entertainment  |  26 Mar 2016

Rolling Stones deliver historic concert in Cuba

MUMBAI: The historic concert of legendary British rock band The Rolling Stones in Cuba has drawn huge crowds to Havana's Sports City.

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Entertainment  |  12 Dec 2015

The Rolling Stones recording album after a decade

MUMBAI: Rock band The Rolling Stones will record their first album in 10 years.

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Entertainment  |  18 Nov 2015

Thomas Ayad, executive and "Member of Metallica family" also remembered by Bieber and Keith Richards

MUMBAI: Thomas Ayad, product manager at Universal’s Mercury Records, was one of the attendees who lost his life at Bataclan concert hall on the nig

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