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Interviews |  24 Feb 2016 11:57 |  By RnMTeam

Sugandha Mishra wins Young Achiever National Award


MUMBAI: Multifaceted singer actor Sugandha Mishra, best known for her witty Lata Mangeshkar impersonations, has added another feather to her cap.

She has been conferred the ‘Lord Beden Powell National Award’ for young achievers in the field of arts. Mishra, a popular face on TV due to her singing talent and light-hearted comedy, shared her moments of pleasure on her Facebook page. 

When contacted Mishra, the singer shared her views on music and life.

Excerpts from the chat-

Were you expecting the award?

Frankly speaking, I was not expecting the award. I got a mail one month prior to receiving the award personally. Initially, I thought the mail was just a spam but when I showed it to my mother, we did a little research on it and deduced that this was an authentic mail.

Can you tell us how this award adds to your success?

This is a mega addition. A national award is indeed a big deal. When unexpected things happen, we feel out of this world. In addition, this sort of recognition increases the responsibility of delivering more to the audience. Appreciation for my work pushes me to work harder than before.

Which are the other awards you have received so far?

Honestly, I have tons of awards (giggles). I do not have space to store my awards.  It is my mother’s dream to have a separate room just to decorate it with my achievements. 

You are the fourth generation from your family to be trained in music. Did you always know that music was something you were going to pursue?

Music is in my blood. When I was an infant, I used to cry when a Jagjit Singh ghazal was being played.

A  Bollywood song would change my mood and made me happy however. Therefore, you can understand how important music is in my life.

Another thing, I would definitely credit my grandfather, the legendary Pt Shankar Lal Mishra for my success. I started my music training when I was four. My training was a hardcore one with an extremely tight schedule. My childhood was never like other children, where I was not supposed to play and entertain myself. However, today when I see the result I do not repent and believe that whatever happens, happens for the good.

What do you enjoy doing the most? Singing/acting/Rjing/ performing as a standup comedian?

Music. Singing is what I enjoy the most.  You can say music acts like a pillar to my life.  Comedy on the other hand is in my nature.

What has worked the best for your career?

Again, I would like to mention, it is music, which repaid me the best. My career started as an RJ with  Big FM. It was the best time of my life.  If given a chance, I would definitely do it again.

Any new music projects for this year?

Recently I came across Sonakshi who released her first single. Even Alia, Shraddha and Salman bhai have showcased their music talents. When the non-singers are turning singers, I too should release my own singles. I hope that one of my songs will be up on my birthday this May.