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Interviews |  25 Sep 2020 15:49 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Naresh Sharma's 'Humko Tum Mil Gaye' showcases the importance of being 'grateful'

MUMBAI: The legendary music composer, Naresh Sharma launched a new number “Humko Tum Mil Gaye” under VYRL Originals. Vishal Mishra has lent his voice to this beautiful melody with the lyrics penned by Sayeed Quadri. The song features Hina Khan and Dheera Dhoopar, fame of Naagin 5, in a heart-warming story about the undying love.

Music composer spoke exclusively to about his new release of how people ignore the fact that we end up thanking other people from work but never thank our family members for supporting and staying with us throughout.

Check the interview below:

Share with us the idea and inspiration behind the song “Humko Tum Mil Gaye”?

The idea for this song came up while I was sitting with Sayeed Qadri, lyricist of the song. I just came up with this tune, and since a composer and a poet were sitting together, it was just meant to be. After listening to the tune, it hardly took 10 mins for him to prepare the beginning two lines of the song. After the completion of the song, the first thing which struck my mind was that these days people are so busy in their day to day activities that they often forget to appreciate the presence of their loved ones -- wife, husband, mother, father, etc. We ignore the fact that we end up thanking other people from work but never thank our family members for supporting and staying with us throughout. This is the basic message behind this song that we should not take our loved ones for granted and thank them enough for their presence in our lives.

Could you share with us on establishing a strong narrative of your great contribution to the industry?

I started my career at a very young age. I was just 14 when I started off as a musician, a violinist. I became a music arranger at the age of 17 where I started composing and arranging for independent music and I have also composed music for more than 200 films. After working for a long period, I took a break to relax for a while. But seeing the advancements in technology and products related to music, I got attracted to start working again. Back in the 70s when we used to get inspiration from other great music composers and used to create sound through instruments after writing it on paper but now if we see the new technology it is very interesting and there is no need to write. Music is something in which one can feel connected easily and it’s hard for a composer to remain on a break from music. I tried to take the advantage of this new technology and created this music where I maintained its melody as well.

Who are you spending your quarantine with? Could you lay down some points on the productive things you’re doing during lockdown?

The most important thing I have learned in this lockdown period is to be grateful to have your loved ones around. I am sure the entire world has learned to be grateful and that the love for family is in our hearts. Some do express but majorly we don’t. But it goes without saying that the only thing I have learned in this period is that love is the greatest of all and that there is nothing bigger than love. I have always had this in my heart but during these trying times I started to acknowledge the value of people around me and are far away who have had special importance in my life. I have missed everyone and tried to talk to them even with the ones whose work I was impressed with and were an inspiration to me. So, I took this opportunity and spoke to everyone from family to friends to ex colleagues to show my gratitude towards them.

Words of wisdom to the younger upcoming musicians?

Firstly, to all the upcoming musicians (singers, composers, and lyricists) I would like to congratulate everyone and tell them that this is the best platform to showcase their talent where people are open to listening to new kinds of music. I listen to all kinds of new upcoming artiste’ music and compositions on YouTube and I feel very happy. There has been a great difference with the newness, environment, approach and I just love it. They are all doing really well, but I would like to say just one thing that they should explore new avenues and not do monotonous work. They shouldn’t put any restrictions to their music and explore all sorts of genres and work very hard. I believe that today’s generation is very talented and intelligent so I know they will do well. But keep in mind of always creating new and unique music for your listeners.

Upcoming projects?

To be honest, “Humko Tum mil Gaye” is a project that after working on it, I feel so humbled and ready to work for more and this has brought me back to my composing. I had taken a break for some time but now I feel like I want to do lots and lots of composition and create beautiful tracks that come to my heart or whatever god gifts me. So, going forward I will be doing a lot of music. I would like to say that I would give my music a new ray of hope and do lots more and in the coming days, I will work hard and will keep my fans happy.

Lastly, I would like to tell my listeners to always shower love, maintain choices and keep them coming. Always keep music alive in your hearts, and encourage new musicians. We are all because of the love of our listeners, we will always try to give our best and keep them happy.