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Interviews |  21 Jun 2022 11:46 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Music composer Javed-Mohsin dropped 'Nikamma' and 'Ab Meri Baari'

MUMBAI: Music Composer duo Javed Khan and Mohsin Shaikh who is famously known as Javed-Mohsin dropped two tracks “Nikamma” featuring Dev Negi, Payal Dev and Deane Sequeira and “Ab Meri Baari” featuring Farhad Bhiwandiwala penned by Sabbir Khan & Danish Sabri.

Check the interview below:

You have composed two songs from Nikamma, what was your thought process while composing for the two tracks, as both are completely different from each other

The thought process was very clear, the brief which we got from Sabbir Khan sir was he wanted one party anthem full of energy. They had taken the rights of old track “Nikamma” which is supposed to be recreated. So we knew we were recreating a super-hit track by Himesh Reshammiya sir but we wanted to do it Javed-Mohsin style. We took just the hook line of the melody and decided to create a fresh song with a new ‘Mukhda and Antara’. Dev Negi, Payal Dev and Deane Sequeira have sung the track brilliantly and Danish Sabri’s lyrics are on point. We’re glad people are enjoying the track.

The other song which is there is “Ab Meri Baari”. The song has a rebellious kind of attitude and is an aggressive song. Farhad Bhiwandiwala has sung the track and lyrics are written by Danish Sabri and Sabbir Khan. The brief for this song was that the makers wanted an action oriented song where they can play the song in the background during the high octane action sequences. The song will be released soon and people will definitely enjoy it.

You have worked with director Sabbir Khan previously for Munna Micheal, how was the experience composing for him once again? And what was the brief given by the director?

We have given a blockbuster song for Munna Micheal with Sabbir sir which was 'Meri Waali Ding Dang karti hai' which was pictured on Tiger Shroff. The song has already crossed over 1 billion on all the streaming platforms and is still loved by everyone. So Sabbir Khan sir had that trust on us and keeping that faith he called us for Nikamma and gave us the brief for both songs. We share a great working rapport with Saabir sir and we are on the same page which makes it all seem very easy and enjoyable.

You have also composed Independent tracks, how different is it to compose non film tracks?

So we never compromise with sound, whether it is for independent or film tracks. We always believe that a good song is a combination of good melody, good lyrics, good arrangements, good singing and for us we never differentiate in terms of the above irrespective of whether the song is independent of part of a film. We believe that a song is a song, the audiences don’t hear a track on TV or radio and differentiate so we as composers shouldn’t either. We make a track with just as much love and care irrespective of the medium since music is universal.

It's your first recreation, What factors did you have in mind?

Yes it is our first recreation, so while doing this one thing we kept in mind is that we will do it in our style with a new melody and just use the hook line and design it in a new way.

Tell us about the second track of the film.

The second track of the film is a very rap cum song oriented track, Farhad Bhiwandiwala has sung it. The lyrics are written by Danish Sabri and Sabbir Khan. The brief given for this song was they wanted a very high energy action theme song which has lots of Rap and aggressive attitude in that. The song is already in the trailer and people are loving the energy of the song, the song is called 'Ab Meri Baari Aayi'. It's theme music and has a high energy guitar in it. You will also hear a broken upbeat with lots of baas and is an aggressive and important track of the movie.

Anything else you would like to add?

After our track in Shershaah that did very well, this is our next Bollywood outing. Both songs are distinctly different from one another and We’re glad that both have received such appreciation.