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Interviews |  27 Jun 2022 12:45 |  By Tolika Yeptho

‘The beauty of ‘Choti Choti Gal’ lies in the spontaneity of the lyric’, says Music Composer Arjuna Harjai

MUMBAI: Singer, Music Composer-Digital Content Creator Arjuna Harjai dropped his latest song “Choti Choti Gal” sang by Aparshakti Khurana “The beauty of the song lies in the spontaneity with which it was written”.

The song features Nawazuddin Siddhiqui and Athiya Shetty under Zee Music Company. The original song was featured in the movie Motichoor Chaknachoor.

To know more about the release Radioandmusic got in touch with Arjuna Harjai.

Check the interview below:

Congratulations on your latest release, tell us all about it?

Choti Choti Gal was originally composed for the film Motichoor Chaknachoor (directed by Debamitra Biswal), and it received positive feedback; however, the version that was recently released has a more indie feel to it. I'm glad everyone likes the new twist.

What is the story behind “Choti Choti Gal”?

I was in the studio in Bombay with my team and Kumaar Paaji, the writer who had been a huge supporter and inspiration to me throughout my career. During a jam session, I was simply humming as I usually do when working with my team, and he immediately wrote the two lines, 'Choti Choti Gal da bura na manaya kar; je main manavaan man vi jaya kar.' The beauty of that song, in my opinion, lies in the spontaneity with which it was written.

How do you feel about the great response it has been receiving?

Obviously, I'm overjoyed and grateful, as is every composer. When the movie was released, I sang the male version and Jyotica Tangri, both of which were very beautiful and received a lot of praise.

The new version has gained a lot of traction; the guitars gave it a really interesting indie feel, and I'm glad Aparshakti Khurana represented it so well.

Where do you find inspiration for your music?

Because I've been working in the advertising and film industries more recently, I occasionally draw inspiration from the script or brief that has been curated to understand what story needs to be portrayed.

However, the game changes when things are done with your personal touch; working without the constraints of guidelines allows you to experiment in a variety of creative ways because it's like playing in a large and empty playground.

Difference in the music scenario in India vs Internationally?

The industry in India is still based on the film industry, but in the West, we have more scores.

Songs are released and then licenced for inclusion in Hollywood films as well, but music is specially composed for Bollywood films, so the outlook is different.

Future projects?

I'm juggling a lot of things right now, but I'm content with them all! My primary YouTube channel features vlogs about my life, while my secondary channel (Arjuna Harjai 2.0) hosts podcasts with interesting guests. Aside from that, I'm embarking on my own filmmaking journey, dabbling in Indie music, and working on some film projects. Let's see how things play out; I'm very excited about the future.