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Interviews |  14 Nov 2022 11:51 |  By Tolika Yeptho

DJ ARYAN dropped his debut single ‘Safe And Sound’

MUMBAI: DJ ARYAN recently his debut single ‘Safe And Sound’.

Radioandmusic got in touch with DJ ARYAN to know more about “Safe and Sound” and the message behind it. The singer also talks about his musical journey.

Check the interview below:

What inspired you to write this song, tell us about the message of your song.

The inspiration for the track came from Tiesto’s ‘The Motto’. The message of the song revolves around the meaning of love. It’s about the nature of love that demands us to take care & keep our loved ones safe, and out of trouble and help them become better versions of themselves.

Insight into Aryan Patel's musical journey into becoming a busy DJ today.

I started in 2012 as an assistant DJ in Mumbai’s local scene to understand the nitty-gritty of DJing and the music industry, I have come a long way.

I started my journey with residencies at various venues across Mumbai which also includes 5-star properties such as House of Nomad, Taj Lands End Mumbai, EAU Bar, The Oberoi at Nariman Point, etc. One of my memorable achievements so far is performing for a New Year’s eve in Ahmedabad with an audience of 10,000+ people. Another highlight of my journey is performing with artists such as Lost Stories, Teri Miko, Madoc, Pro Bro, Zaeden, Nawed Khan, etc.

I have now become an individual entity and have worked hard to build my brand over the 10 years into an extremely energetic, enthusiastic DJ who has developed an understanding of his audience. I am solely remembered for the ever-grooving music that I lure my audience with.

I am a self-learned artist who is ready to set foot in the beautiful arena of music production.

What inspires your music?

Artists Aryan's music is inspired by a few artists that my tracks will surely resonate with are Tiesto, Martin Garrix, and David Guetta.

Aryan's Dream collaboration/s? (India and International)

I aim to collaborate with a sensational voice of India - Prateek Kuhad. Internationally, I aim to collaborate with Dean Lewis to create some banging music.

As this is your debut single, what new are you planning for your upcoming singles?

I am exploring genres, moving out of my comfort zone, and creating tracks that are sensationally new and unheard.

What's in store for Aryan Patel in 2023 (Gigs/singles/tours/collabs with brands)

All of it! Growth is in store for Aryan Patel in 2023. I am planning to better myself in the field of producing music. Additionally, I am working on new music each day. Hence, hoping that a lot happens in the year 2023.

What's Aryan's songwriting process, is it the music/beats or the lyrics that come to him first?

Being a DJ, beats occupy my mind 24x7. My mind keeps producing something or something subconsciously. I start to make random melodies until it sounds right to me.

Upcoming projects.

I have been working on a couple of projects simultaneously, hence, a lot of music coming your way!