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Interviews |  14 Nov 2022 17:10 |  By Tolika Yeptho

KARMA drops an ultimate break-up song 80's Ke Songs

MUMBAI: KARMA dropped his latest track 80’s Ke Songs in association with Sony Music.

The singer is well known for his superhit rap songs like 1 se 23, Baba Yaga, Warm Up, and Gangster. 80’s Ke Songs is an ultimate break-up song that every individual can relate to. It is the perfect blend of pop and hip-hop mixed with retro vibes. It was composed by Deep Kalsi written and sung by Karma. Radioandmusic got in touch with KARMA to know more about the song and his future projects.

Check the interview below:

Congratulations on your new song 80’s Ke Songs, tell us more about how did this take place and what it means to you?

"80’s Ke Songs" is one of my favorite tracks- because it's not in my regular style. It's more of a low-fi synthwave track which gives a very retro feel. The idea behind this track was to connect with everyone who feels the urge of calling their loved ones after a long day. I deliberately kept the writing very simple so that it's easier for the masses to accept it and I'm glad to see the love the track is getting.

When did you know that you wanted to get into music?

In 2010, When I first started writing, I got fascinated by the thought of being able to express as much I want to, being an introvert it was nearly impossible for me to have a voice of my own, So when I was in my high school, that was the time when I realized that I want to be an artist as I found my medium of expression in music. Hip Hop gave me the power to express my thoughts and be confident about it.

Future projects?

A lot of tracks are aligned, collabs with some fellow artists are also there and I am really excited about this new sound I have been working on. I hope people can connect with it the way I do.

How do you see the indie music scene in India today and its evolution with the rise of streaming platforms?

There's no doubt that streaming platforms play a very important role in the music scene. In India, it's really important for indie music to be on mainstream platforms so that its impact and reach can be enhanced. The evolution is great as indie music also has the kind of numbers a mainstream artist would get, which is amazing to see. It's because of the streaming platforms that an Indie artist can also promote his/her song in the same way any other big musician or company would.