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Interviews |  21 Nov 2022 12:44 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Roposo allows people to get to know me on a deeper level, says Ash Daniel

MUMBAI: Singer Ash Daniel started as a singer but now he has opened up to hosting shows and taking interviews through Roposo.

Roposo is a creator led live entertainment commerce platform. Radioandmusic got in touch with Ash Daniel to know more about his association with Roposo and his journey as a musician.

Check the interview below:

Tell us about your association with Roposo

Everything today is happening online, from making payments to watching movies. If you have a phone, you can do all of these things from the phone itself. I have been doing music professionally since I was around fourteen years old. Live shows as a musician are a big deal, where you would travel to perform. The audience at venues would never exceed three thousand. When I started live streaming on Roposo two years ago, there were short videos where lots of people could see them. Then Roposo switched to live entertainment commerce and I would do a live show once a week. In the beginning, it was a little difficult as it was very new. Gradually I got the hang of it.

I usually sing English and Hindi songs. With a pan-India audience, I got requests from people to sing Gujarati and Marathi songs. I would listen to different songs in multiple languages to strengthen my connection with the audience. In India when we communicate with a person in their language, a special bond gets made, this worked in my favor. It was also out of my comfort zone, but it worked well for me because my audience asked me to, I did it. Trying new things helped me a lot. Although I started as a singer but now I have opened up to hosting shows and taking interviews, like how we say when we explore new things we get to learn a lot.

On Roposo, I have seen viewership for my shows go into lakhs. There was a time when I got 5-6 lakh views, and so many people watching a live like this is a big deal. Roposo is a platform that not only makes this possible but also allows people to get to know you on a deeper level. For an artist, it is very important that people know them, and Roposo has done that for me. And now people know me and like me.

How did you start as a musician?

Everyone in my family loves singing and some of my earliest memories with my family revolve around it and I think it is genetics for me that I can sing too. I began playing the keyboard in my childhood. In 10th grade, I started learning guitar, which prompted me to pursue music professionally. I took part in many competitions and then started playing with bands and pursuing music production. There were many ups and downs, but those happen, you can’t give up. Now I am on right track and it’s only going up, slowly and steadily.

Tell us more about the competitions you took part in?

I took part in Indian Idol and reached a high level. I took part in other competitions which I won. There were people from all over India competing. After that, I performed with Mika Singh at Jawaharlal Nehru Studio, where I got good exposure, and after that, I did loads of shows at the national level. Many interviews took place after those. This journey eventually led me to Roposo which has only opened more doors for me. There are a couple of songs I have released and I am working on a couple of others, hopefully, will work on those too and release them with videos.